This Chipotle hack lets you get a free second burrito

This Chipotle hack lets you get a free second burrito

If you want to eat Chipotle but are on a budget, this food hack will show you how to get two meals for the price of one.

Food TikToker @hellthyjunkfood shared a video showing how burrito fans can buy one burrito bowl from Chipotle and get two full burritos out of it.

According to the video, this is what you’re going to want to order:

Now, what you’re going to do is split the contents of the burrito bowl between the two tortillas, roll them up, and there you have it – two full burritos. According to the TikToker, these burritos weigh over two pounds each, so there’s plenty of food for the price.

This burrito bowl that makes two burritos will cost you $9.10, whereas buying the two burritos separately would cost $18.20 – now that’s a bargain. The tortillas on the side only cost 50 cents each, so this really is a great hack if you want to dine with a friend on a budget.

This hack even shocked some Chipotle employees in the comments, with one saying, “I work at Chipotle, Imma get this for my employee meal.”

One person even had a hack on how you can get more beans and rice to bulk out the burritos by saying that instead of asking for half of each rice and half of each type of beans, you should, “Say both ONE at a time, ‘Black beans’ let them do it. ‘And a scoop of pinto’ because otherwise they’ll only give you half a portion of each.”

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