This custom Kirby keyboard is adorable but pricey

This custom Kirby keyboard is adorable but pricey

Custom keyboard designer has built a new Kirby-inspired “Creampuff” keyboard, and better yet, you can grab one for yourself.

With PC gaming more accessible than ever, there’s a never-ending supply of cute aesthetically pleasing keyboards. Whether released by big-name brands, or small independent creators, you can grab a mechanical keyboard in just about every adorable shape and size you can imagine. Like, this incredibly cute custom-designed Kirby-inspired keyboard.

In a post to X/Twitter, Belgium-based creator Qlavier shared several images of their brand new Kirby-inspired board. Dubbed the “Creampuff”, the custom keyboard features the adorable Kirby, hands, and feet included, with his mouth surrounding the matching translucent pink keys. Originally revealed back in February, the Creampuff is made up of custom-cut GS Perspex acrylic, and features anti-slip feet, pre-cut adhesive layers, and is compatible with standard layout 60% PCBs.

While not an officially licensed product, designer Qlavier hilariously explains on their website that, ”This beautiful CreamPuff board is a design that came to me in a dream and is not based on any preexisting IP.”

The adorable custom-built board is only available for a few short days on designer Qlavier’s website, according to social media posts. There are three different versions of the keyboard available, Creampuff 59%, No Shoes Creampuff 60% and Regularly 60%, with only two dozen of each version available from the keyboard designer’s website.

“You can throw any standard 60% PCB in this thing so honestly nobody has any right to complain its literally the perfect keyboard. But again, 3 days, time is ticking >:)”, Qlaiver acclaimed on their Instagram post.

While each version of the Creampuff board is bound to up the cuteness factor of your setup, they don’t come cheap. With the full version of the board, Kirby-feet and all, costing €245, approximately $260. Yet, you could argue that’s a small price to pay for Qlavier’s years of custom-keyboard designing experience, and having Kirby at the touch of a key-press.

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