This custom One Piece gaming PC is worthy of any king of the pirates

This custom One Piece gaming PC is worthy of any king of the pirates

This custom PC builder and huge anime fan has made the ultimate One Piece gaming PC, featuring a Thousand Sunny figurehead with hidden flash drives.

Just about every single product you can imagine has likely had a licensed One Piece version over the years. The hugely popular manga and anime series featuring Luffy and crew has spawned a merchandising empire, and PC gaming hardware is no exception.

There’s a sea of accessories, from keyboards to gaming mice, themed around everyone’s favorite Straw Hat pirate crew. Even where official merchandise is lacking, fans are eager to create custom pieces of their own, like with this magnificent custom-built One Piece gaming PC.

Posted to the r/PCMasterRace SubReddit, user blood_omen shared images of their finished custom One Piece gaming PC, created for their little brother. The incredible images show off the PC in all its Thousand Sunny glory, featuring the iconic wanted posters of the Straw Hat crew down each side, with a gum-gum fruit-painted design down the front.

Initiated my lil bro into the PCMR with a custom One Piece pc made by me! Even has a removable Thousand Sunny figurehead with two 500g usb drives in it!
byu/blood_omen inpcmasterrace

The Grand Line wood burnt art at the top of the case, and the added One Piece logo at the side are a sight to behold. Yet the true stand out from the custom build lies at the front, with the Thousand Sunny figurehead.

The iconic lion head of the Thousand Sunny ship from One Piece is replicated to astonishing accuracy, but what makes it special is that it plays host to two hidden 500GB USB flash drives. According to blood_omen, both drives are named “Thousand” and “Sunny” respectively, to keep in with the One Piece theme.

The impressive custom One Piece gaming PC was made for their little brother, but besides the flashy images, not much else was shared about the impressive-looking build. The original poster did at least share that, despite the cool outward appearance, the PC is also cool on the inside. The PC features Noctua fans at the front and back, with the bottom panel being completely open to help with airflow.


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While we don’t know the finer details about its pixel-pushing power, this gorgeous custom PC would be the perfect way to catch up with the latest One Piece manga chapter, coming out in a few days.

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