This MW3 aftermarket part makes underrated SMG a speed demon

This MW3 aftermarket part makes underrated SMG a speed demon

The addition of a new aftermarket part in MW3 Season 3 has turned one of the game’s most underrated SMGs into a speed demon with unbelievable strafe speeds that rival the fastest Call of Duy has ever seen.

Modern Warfare 3’s week three challenges saw a new aftermarket part introduced to multiplayer and Warzone, the JAK Cutthroat Stock.

This stock can only be equipped on certain weapons: The MCW, MTZ-556, MTZ Interceptor, Riveter, and AMR 9. plus six MW2 guns. While it’s useful on several of these, it’s with the AMR 9 where the JAK Cutthroat stock truly excels.

With an AMR 9 loadout optimized for ADS Movement Speed, it’s now possible to strafe at 3.5 meters per second. This is already fast for an MW3 weapon but with the Stalker Boots, this can be further boosted to over 4 m/s.

To put those numbers into context, this SMG can now have strafe speeds comparable to the fastest possible in some older Call of Duty games like the original Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2.

Here is the best loadout to maximize the AMR 9’s strafe speed:

Something to keep in mind is that the Stalker Boots only affect left-to-right movement, unlike the equivalents in the older COD games that worked in all four directions.

As a result, it’s only possible to reach these peak strafe speeds while moving left to right. Even so, this AMR 9 loadout is still extremely mobile and provides an opportunity to experience MW3 in a new way,

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