This “secret” Baldur’s Gate 3 boss fight is always missed by players

This “secret” Baldur’s Gate 3 boss fight is always missed by players

Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with secrets, from hidden loot, powerful weapons, entire storylines, and even a good boss fight – in fact, most players likely haven’t even met this NPC.

There are tons of battles to enjoy in Baldur’s Gate 3, but with so much content, it’s hard to know if you’ve managed to take part in every boss fight. Naturally, the likes of Orin, Gortash, Ketheric, and the final boss fight are practically guaranteed, but there’s one “secret” boss many players are yet to discover.

Known as Stalker Svignee, this powerful undead Death Knight boss has been stunning players unlucky enough to discover him, especially given how hidden he is. In fact, he’s so hidden that many are likely to have missed him altogether, at least in their first playthrough – unless you’re a completionist who explored every small nook.

Stalker Svignee is found in the latter part of Act Three in the Upper City Sewers of Baldur’s Gate, shortly after the cutscene where the Mind Flayer talked out some City Guards. To get there, simply ignore the Courtyard and instead head to the Upper City Sewers through a metal door hidden underneath the north part of the Courtyard. Once there, you’ll quickly come across some smaller enemies and Stalker Svignee himself.

It’s worth noting that with his nature as an undead, he does have some powerful spells and attacks. In particular, is his Hellfire Orb which is purely an NPC ability, and his Staggering Smite. So ensure you’re prepared for Psychic damage and plenty of fire.

In fact, some players, after reporting their discovery of the secret boss fight on the Baldur’s Gate 3 Reddit, have shared their shock after finding Minthara in the same room, so ensure you keep an eye out for her in your next playthrough.

Ultimately, with hundreds of players finding new elements of Baldur’s Gate 3 months after its release, it just goes to show how extensive and replayable the game really is.

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