Training Construction in Old School RuneScape just got way easier

Training Construction in Old School RuneScape just got way easier

Construction is widely considered to be one of the least enjoyable skills to train in Old School RuneScape, but a massive quality-of-life update in OSRS just made it way easier.

Old School RuneScape’s latest update on April 17 introduced a variety of tweaks to Undead Pirates, the Wilderness, and Varlamore.

However, it’s one unsuspecting line in the patch notes that will have the biggest impact of all, with Jagex officially removing this ban from its Third-Party Client guidelines:

This means that moving forward OSRS players can now switch the ‘Build’ and ‘Remove’ options available in Construction with ‘Walk Here’, effectively allowing for left-click-only training.

Before this update, players had to right-click, then ‘Remove’ before right-clicking again, then ‘Build’. For just a few actions this isn’t too bad but on the way to 99 Construction, this has to be done thousands of times which won’t be doing your wrist any favors.

However, post-update it is now possible to simply left-click twice to build and remove any structure. This makes Construction far less straining to train and should even boost XP rates for casual players who couldn’t master the old system.

For the time being this change will only be available to third-party clients like Runelite. However, Jagex intends to introduce this to the official OSRS client in the future. In the meantime, mobile players or those who prefer the official client are recommended to use less intense training methods like Mahogany Homes.

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