True crime fans “disgusted” after watching Brianna Williams documentary

True crime fans “disgusted” after watching Brianna Williams documentary

A detailed and horrifying true crime documentary surrounding Brianna Williams have left viewers “disgusted” after watching it.

In 2019, Former Navy Petty Officer Brianna Williams was arrested for the murder of her five-year-old daughter Taylor due to malnutrition and neglect.

A new true crime documentary from YouTube channel Explore With Us detailed Williams’ heinous crime by using police interrogation tapes and real dash cam footage of the moment when Williams realized her crime had been uncovered by police.

The documentary has been watched over 3 million times since it was first uploaded just two days ago and viewers have not been shy about how hard it’s been to watch the entire 63-minute video.

“What’s frightening is she probably could have gotten away with it had she not called the cops. Let that sink in,” one viewer wrote, referring to the fact that Williams reported Taylor missing herself which led the police to investigate her disappearance in the first place.

Another viewer pointed out that Williams must’ve “thought she looked so certified and trustworthy in her military uniform that the police wouldn’t question her.”

The biggest sticking point that put the documentary’s audience in a tizzy is the fact that, during her interrogation, Williams claimed Taylor was “stealing” food from their kitchen, which was hard for people to swallow due to the fact that her child likely died of starvation.

“Parents who complain about kids “stealing” food is an instant RED FLAG,” one watcher wrote, with another echoing the sentiment stating, “Not feeding your child is torture. If your child is “stealing” food, you’re not feeding them enough. Point blank period.”

In September 2022, Williams pled guilty to 2nd-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The Brianna Williams documentary titled “Mom Realizes Police Discovered Her Horrifying Secret” is available to stream on YouTube.

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