Twitch creators slam Dan Clancy for considering Adin Ross unban

Twitch creators slam Dan Clancy for considering Adin Ross unban

Twitch streamers are begging Twitch CEO Dan Clancy to keep Adin Ross banned on the platform after Discord messages surface. 

Ross made pleas to Clancy last week about getting unbanned on Twitch to collaborate with other top creators. He claims that top-creators like Kai Cenat will help him “see the light” if he can collaborate with them. 

On April 20, a post on Twitter/X revealed a screenshot of a direct message between Ross and Clancy. The Discord messages show Ross wanting to speak with Clancy about his ban, to which Clancy said he would find time to talk to him. 

With this information revealed, several streamers took to Twitter/X to make their opinions on Ross known. Most comments of which were slamming Clancy for even considering the idea of bringing him back. 

“No. Absolutely f****** not. Twitch if you respect your minority creators, which keep in mind that this dude has specifically targeted to harass, then you will let this scum f*** rot on Kick.” said Twitch partner Rin Vixen. 

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that this is even being entertained. Adin has had numerous chances, more than what most streamers would ever get… why is it so hard to let egotistical childish men fail?” asked creator kaceytron.

As shown in the images from the Discord messages, Clancy claims that he will be in Asia for the next few weeks and won’t be able to talk with him in the meantime. 

This leaves Ross’s ban on Twitch in place for the time being, which means he will have to continue streaming exclusively on Kick. Other popular streamers on Twitch, such as Cenat, haven’t spoken about Ross potentially coming back to the purple platform. 

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