Twitch streamer catches girlfriend cheating while live

Twitch streamer catches girlfriend cheating while live

Twitch streamer ‘Gara’ was streaming when he caught his girlfriend cheating on him during a date at a restaurant.

On April 24, Gara and his girlfriend Indiya, who are both GTA RP streamers on Twitch, started off their IRL date by ordering drinks and browsing the menu at a local restaurant.

After Gara didn’t want anything off the menu, Indiya passed him her phone so that he could check out some nearby food spots to go to instead.

However, this was when things went south. Gara soon noticed that she had been sending intimate messages to other guys as he tried to discreetly scroll through the texts to investigate further.

“What are you doing!?” She said after realizing this and then quickly grabbed her phone. Gara just stared down his camera in shock with his mouth wide open, as she repeatedly asked “What is your problem?” before taking his phone to end the stream.

Even though he didn’t go live again that day, hours later he called up Twitch streamer Silky during their stream to further explain what happened when he discovered she was cheating:

“These b**tches are getting clever, you know what they’re doing? And I noticed this in one second. Bro, when they link you, they’re unsaving their n***as numbers so when they call them it’s random numbers.

“I’m looking at every n***a in her s**t and I clicked the message and she said ‘I miss you so bad,’ to this n***a in a real conversation. And it’s all 2 hours ago bro, you feel me and i’m realising this all in one second.”

Despite it being unknown for certain what happened after their date abruptly ended, Indiya has since posted to her Instagram story stating: “The fact that this n***a stole my bag, took the $3K I had in there and threw my bag in the lake. Crazy night I had, broke ass n***as I swear to god.”


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At the time of writing, Gara has not responded to Indiya’s claims and with the relationship ending, the two have unfollowed each other across all socials.

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