Twitch streamer swerves and crashes to avoid child jaywalking into traffic

Twitch streamer swerves and crashes to avoid child jaywalking into traffic

IRL Twitch streamer ‘GeezGiselle’ was forced to take drastic action after a child ran into the middle of the road while she was biking, narrowly avoiding injuring the toddler.

Traveling streams are some of the most unpredictable on Twitch, where just about anything can happen completely out of nowhere.

That’s exactly what happened when GeezGiselle traveled to Dali, China and was riding a bike through the city streets when a young child standing with their mother began to cross the road.

At first, everything seemed fine as Giselle sang a song and kept forward – but when other bike riders zoomed past the kid in the other lane, they made a quick 180 and ran right in front of the streamer.

After letting out a scream, the Twitch streamer swerved and crashed her bike to avoid hitting the child, possibly even saving their life.

In an instant, the kiddo’s mom rushed to the streamer’s aid to offer some assistance and even gave her child a small smack for running into the road like that.

Luckily, neither Giselle or the boy were hurt, largely due to the streamer’s quick reactions.

“The boy went to the middle of the road and then he turned back,” she sighed. “The parents didn’t really take care of their kid. I tried to dodge him and I fell, but I’m okay.”

For her part, the streamer didn’t hold much ill will towards the boy, taking more issue with the mom for not keeping a closer eye on her youngster.

This isn’t the first time that disaster nearly struck during an IRL driving stream. Back in 2020, Jinny was suspended for driving recklessly on a scooter, and last year, a Polish streamer was banned after she ran over a dog while taking her eyes off the road to read chat.

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