Twitch streamer Tubbo sets his toaster on fire in chaotic incident

Twitch streamer Tubbo sets his toaster on fire in chaotic incident

Twitch streamer Tubbo accidentally set his toaster on fire in a chaotic clip on day 45 of his yearly subathon event.

Twitch streamer Toby Smith, also known as ‘Tubbo‘ online, has returned with another of his annual subathons, also known as the Tubbathon.

While Tubbo live-streamed continuously for just under a month in 2023, this year he is looking to outdo himself and go live for 90 days.

However, day 45 saw things take a turn for the worse after Tubbo and a group of his friends set his toaster on fire.

Warning viewers to “not try this at home,” Tubbo armed himself with a “precautionary” fire extinguisher before getting ready to “toast” some toys.

It was explained that three items would be picked before a one-minute poll in the chat would allow viewers to vote on which would ultimately end up in the toaster.

For an item to be labeled as successfully toasted, it would need to survive the toaster on its highest setting for an entire cycle. Tubbo also stated that if the toaster did set on fire, he considered that as “pretty f****** toasted.”

Two rounds of the toasting challenge passed with neither item labeled as “toasted”. First, a doll made it through one cycle (though admittedly, her feet had melted off), and next a gel eye mask faced off against the heat.

In the end, it was a small rubber stringy ball named that saw the toaster burst into flames. Covering the lens of the camera for protection, the fire extinguisher had to be used as a smoke alarm sounded. No one was hurt in the ordeal.

Discussing the chaotic situation on Reddit, one poster wrote, “You don’t have the best ideas after being live non-stop for 46 days straight.”

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