Tyler1 hits top 1% of chess players worldwide a day after announcing birth of his first child

Tyler1 hits top 1% of chess players worldwide a day after announcing birth of his first child

Twitch streamer Tyler1 may have just announced the birth of his baby daughter, but, a day later and he has already achieved another remarkable achievement. The streamer is currently ranked in the top 1% of chess players from earning a 1800 ELO rating.

Tyler1 and fellow Twitch streamer Macaiyla revealed the birth of their newborn on April 19, who was born a week prior, as the long-term couple made the announcement. However, Tyler1 was up to something else in his time away.

Not even 24 hours later after announcing the birth of his daughter Saiyler Rue Steinkamp, Tyler1 amazed his fans once again by reaching the significantly high ELO rating of 1805 in chess.

This puts him firmly in the top 1% of players on Chess.com for Rapid Chess despite having only just reached 1700 ELO a month prior in March. According to the Chess.com leaderboards for the particular chess mode, this put him in the 99.16% percentile on April 20.

Tyler first started taking chess more seriously when he entered the PogChamps 5 tournament, which was hosted by Chess.com in the middle of 2023. Despite not fully knowing which pieces moved where when he initially attended the event, he has been grinding ever since.

In his short 9 month career, the League of Legends streamer has constantly shocked the chess community with his newfound success. This has even earned him respect from the likes of the International Master and chess creator Gotham Chess who called it “completely insane” after he earned his 1700 ELO rating.

With Tyler1’s rank only continuing to rise as the months go by, who knows where he could end up in the world of competitive chess?

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