UberEats driver goes viral delivering food on horseback

UberEats driver goes viral delivering food on horseback

An UberEats driver went mega viral after delivering a customer’s food on horseback, and people couldn’t believe it.

In a video that’s gone on to rack up over 1 million views, TikToker Jessie captured an UberEats worker delivering a customer’s meal in the most unusual way. 

In the video, we could see a man in an UberEats branded uniform deliver someone’s takeaway on a black horse. They move through the streets of Sydney, Australia’s suburb of Paddington, with onlookers giggling around them. 

One woman could be seen holding her phone up to take a video. The delivery ‘driver,’ themselves, however, looked completely oblivious to the fuss and moved through the crowd with a mobile device attached to their helmet for directions. 

After Jessie posted the video on the platform, people were eager to weigh in on their thoughts surrounding the confusing delivery method. 

“How do I get my Uber eats delivered by Uber horse?!” one asked, clearly excited. 

“Bro… you know what VALID. These petrol prices and cost of living crisis really do be like that,” another chimed in. 

“I want this job, please. I’d slay,” one said, while another said they’d found their “future job.”

“Is this one of the options on the app? like when you can see your delivery is coming via bicycle?” another joked. 

Another UberEats worker also went viral recently after they revealed a ‘hack’ for getting unlimited free food.

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