Ultimate Spider-Man fans are convinced Harry Osborn just signed his own death warrant

Ultimate Spider-Man fans are convinced Harry Osborn just signed his own death warrant

Ultimate Spider-Man finally revealed who will teach Peter about great responsibility, but fans are convinced it’s Harry Osborn’s death warrant.

Ultimate Spider-Man continues its meteoric success with issue #4, which has a lot of surprises for longtime fans. While it features the debut of the new Gwen Stacy and the reveal of Ben Parker and Jonah’s new journalism outlet, the biggest surprise is a pretty significant update for Peter’s new origin.

The issue is mostly set at a dinner date between Peter, Mary Jane, Harry, and Gwen several months after Peter and Harry discovered they were Spider-Man and Green Goblin. But, uniquely, Harry has already let Gwen in on his secret, leading him to lecture Peter about the importance of not hiding their lives. The result is Harry dropping a surprising truth bomb on Peter.

Ultimate Spider-Man fans are convinced Harry Osborn just signed his own death warrant

Harry Osborn is now the missing component of Spider-Man’s new ultimate origin.

Of course, the classic “with great power…” quote was one of the key components missing from the new Ultimate Spider-Man’s origin. Traditionally, it’s a nugget of wisdom passed down by Uncle Ben, and his death is what cements it. It doesn’t appear this Ben, in addition to still being alive, has ever passed that lesson on to Peter, though.

Harry being the one to say it does definitely have some fans concerned, though. Members of the Spider-Man subreddit were quick to point out that people who traditionally say the line don’t have long to live. As one user put it, “Saying that phrase is like playing russian roulette but with a fully loaded revolver.”

There’s also the fact that Harry himself has a nebulous past in Spider-Man comics. In the main 616 universe, Harry is Peter’s best friend during his college days and struggles with his father’s abuse and drug addiction. He’s become the Green Goblin, died, been revived, become the evil Kindred to get revenge on his father, and died all over again.

The previous Ultimate Spider-Man version of Harry also suffered abuse at Norman’s hand, which resulted in both a split personality and a physical transformation into the monstrous Hobgoblin, who was presumably killed by Norman. Another version, seen on Spider-Gwen’s Earth-65, is a social outcast who becomes The Lizard.

Harry’s fate may be fine for now, though. The book has been solicited through July’s Ultimate Spider-Man #7, which shows Harry and Peter still alive and working side-by-side just in time for The Ultimates to return. However, it may only be a matter of time before destiny plays out for Harry as it has for so many Harrys before him.

Ultimate Spider-Man #4 is on stands now.

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