Untapped Destiny 2 Exotic outputs ridiculous damage but you have to use it right

Untapped Destiny 2 Exotic outputs ridiculous damage but you have to use it right

Many Exotic weapons see use in Destiny 2 but one has been almost entirely neglected by the community despite having incredible potential for burst damage.

Despite receiving a huge buff back in Season of the Deep, Worldline Zero has continued to be largely overlooked with the community favoring other swords like The Lament and Falling Guillotine.

However, that could be a mistake as while Worldline Zero isn’t meta there are situations where this overlooked Exotic Sword is genuinely one of the best weapons in Destiny 2.

The way Worldline Zero works is that its unique perk Tesseract allows the user to charge it up by sprinting and then unleashing two heavy blink attacks in quick succession. These blinks can output some incredible damage, more so than many Guardians may expect.

When tested against Grasp of Avarice’s first boss – Phry’zhia The Insatiable – the two blinks totaled for just over 200,000 damage in under a second. This does not take into additional damage buffs such as surge mods, exotic armor effects, overcharged weapon buffs, or Assassin’s Blade. Hence, higher damage is possible with an optimal setup.

These numbers may suggest that Worldline Zero is an incredible DPS weapon but that isn’t necessarily true as each pair of blinks has to be recharged by running around first. Even so, this Exotic is great in situations where burst damage is preferred to sustained DPS.

Some practical examples of where Worldline Zero excels are as an anti-Champion damage weapon, for bursting down tanky combatants in Lost Sectors, and for speedrunning easier content where bosses typically have only a few hundred thousand health at most.

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