Vagabond Season 2 in the works as K-drama nears filming — report

Vagabond Season 2 in the works as K-drama nears filming — report

Bae Suzy and Lee Seung-gi are reported to make their return in Vagabond Season 2 – A K-drama installment fans have been waiting for.

The SBS K-drama was released in 2019 and is joining the list of storylines getting second seasons. It focused on an underrated stuntman and the sole guardian of his young nephew who dies in a plane crash.

He realizes there’s a larger conspiracy and cover-up at play. He meets a covert operative for the National Intelligence Service who begins to believe his story.

According to OutlookIndia, Vagabond Season 2 is finally in the works after so many years. Reports claim that a second installment is on the horizon with plans to begin filming in the Phillipines. Former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson, one of the rumored producers, revealed some scenes have already been filmed.

Details about Vagabond Season 2 are unclear as neither Bae Suzy nor Lee have confirmed their return. SBS and Netflix also haven’t made an official statement. The K-drama ended after 16 episodes and ended on a cliffhanger.

Fans were left in dire need of a second season as answers to the cover-up and plane crash were never revealed. Instead, the K-drama left a cliffhanger about the leading romance between Bae Suzy and Lee’s characters. It ends with Prime Minister Hong’s opposition being Hae-in (Bae Suzy) with Dal-geon (Lee) on a mission to take out his target.

He refuses when realizing it’s Hae-in and shoots his partner instead. Hae-in is ushered into another car as Dal-geon fights back tears and the K-drama comes to an end. A Vagabond Season 2 would have a lot to answer for.

While waiting for news about Vagabond Season 2, Netflix has a list of K-dramas releasing in 2024, and series coming to the streaming platform.

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