Valorant bug breaks agent select screen after patch 8.07

Valorant bug breaks agent select screen after patch 8.07

Valorant patch 8.07 has launched with what seems to be a devastating bug that causes players to lock in random agents they didn’t select.

Like other live service title updates, Valorant patches launch with some rough edges that Riot Games quickly adjusts once players put some time into the game. Patch 8.07 is no different, and the bug that has come with this update can completely break players’ Valorant experience from the agent select screen.

Multiple players have reported a new bug that has impacted their ability to lock in agents since the April 16 patch went live. Players explained in the Valorant Reddit update bug mega thread, and other now-removed posts, that they chose their agent in the selection screen, but the lock-in button continued to pop up like they hadn’t locked in their choice. Then the game saddles them with a random character they didn’t choose.

“I keep getting locked as Phoenix though even when I picked a different agent,” Reddit user brittanystarii claimed while commenting on a report of the bug in North America.

Another Southeast Asian user reported the bug in the thread and recreated the bug multiple times in a custom match. A few players have theorized that the bug impacts Valorant agents unlocked using Xbox Game Pass, however, Riot has yet to comment on the issue or whether Game Pass unlocks are behind it.

Regardless, players should be on the lookout for this bug or avoid matchmaking until it is solved. While playing new Agents in quick matches can be fun, being forced to play Cypher for the first time in ranked could be a miserable experience that costs you and your teammates RP.

Ironically, Valorant patch 8.07 was mainly a quality-of-life update for the Riot title, featuring almost no gameplay changes, and fixed multiple common bugs and issues across the agent cast and cosmetics.

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