Valorant streamers slam Riot as tracker app makes streamer mode obsolete

Valorant streamers slam Riot as tracker app makes streamer mode obsolete

Valorant streamers claim they’re under attack from stream snipers as a tracker app allows players to see through streamer mode.

Riot Games made an effort to protect streamers from stream sniping in Valorant by enabling a streamer mode. This mode allows players to get into lobbies without revealing their actual names. Instead, the user name is replaced by “player” until the user selects a character, at which point they’ll just be named as the Agent they’re playing. This puts an extra layer of protection for streamers to avoid getting sniped.

However, players are allegedly using a tracker app to break through that defense. Streamers have begun speaking out about the issue, claiming that their games have been affected even with streamer mode on.

Streamer L21saac caught someone allegedly using a script that allows people to see through streamer mode. In a clip posted to Twitter/X, he shares a teammate who called him by his name despite having it hidden.

“Riot has actually allowed Valorant to become unplayable for streamers,” he claimed. “There is a tracker app out right now that is widely abused that allows players to see through streamer mode, and it links the Twitch associated with the account.”

Popular Team Liquid creator AverageJonas shared his own experience with the issue. He stated that the problem with stream snipers had gotten so bad that he was considering making a drastic change to his setup.

“This is why I wanna start using double pc, you can set up dynamic delay so it only is on during matches,” said AverageJonas.

The app in question is openly available to the public, which allows anyone to use it. It won’t be named here, but this app isn’t hard to find and is fairly popular.

What you need to know is that it’s different than apps like Valorant Tracker, which simply take the stats of those on your team – not their actual usernames.

There is currently no fix for this problem revolving around streamer mode outside of an additional delay when streaming according to the streamers affected.


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