Valorant’s Sentinels crush 100 Thieves despite lacking practice

Valorant’s Sentinels crush 100 Thieves despite lacking practice

Sentinels have handed 100 Thieves a crushing loss despite having been without practice and their in-game leader for over a week. 

After lifting the trophy at Masters Madrid, Sentinels’ in-game leader Johnqt was stuck in Europe due to visa issues.

The team was unsure if Johnqt would make it in time for their first match against 100 Thieves. But less than 18 hours before their match was set to start, Sentinels revealed Johnqt had made it to the US.

“The Hero returns. JohnQT has landed in LA and will be playing in our opening game,” Sentinels wrote on X (formerly Twitter) the night before the match.

According to a tweet made after the first map — which Sentinels won 13-11 — the team had also not gotten any practice before their game against their age-old “rivals,” 100 Thieves.

“No practice, no sleep, no problem. We win icebox,” Sentinels tweeted via X.

In the history of this rivalry, 100 Thieves have yet to prove themselves as the better opponent. And with Sentinels’ latest win, the team has now gone over 600 days since last beating them.

Sentinels’ next opponent will be Levithan on April 13, who lost to Cloud9 and started 0-1. Meanwhile, 100 Thieves remain winless in the entirety of VCT. A 0-3 start could spell trouble in the 100 Thieves camp and may prompt a potential roster change

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