Viral IKEA shopper finds “deal of a lifetime” for 78 hot dogs

Viral IKEA shopper finds “deal of a lifetime” for 78 hot dogs

An IKEA shopper went viral after she found an incredible deal on a huge number of the store’s hot dogs, and TikTok couldn’t believe it. 

IKEA, a renowned and beloved home furnishing store, is well known for its bargain offers. It seems, however, that this also extends to the chain’s food items, as a shopper at the store was astounded when she happened upon the bistro’s hot dogs. 

Standing in line, and zooming in on one of the menu boards at the store, a TikToker who goes by the username @shushery told viewers “Get your glizzy on. As many hot dogs as you like.”

Glizzy, referring to the chain’s name for hotdogs. With roots in the rap world, a glizzy is slang for a Glock handgun. The evolution of the word to include hotdog. comes from the extended magazine of a pistol, which is about the length of a hotdog.

Customers could buy one hot dog for 50 cents, three for $1.50, 10 hot dogs for $5, and 25 for $12.50.

It was the final price that really shocked her, as she proclaimed, “And you can get 78 hotdogs for $39,” the content creator stated, as she zoomed in on the price. “That’s not even a dollar a hot dog.” 

The video quickly went viral on the platform, gaining almost 600,000 views. People were eager to share their opinion on the bargain hot dogs. 

“That’s a deal of a lifetime,” one said, clearly impressed by the TikToker’s bargain spotting.

“I love how there’s no discount for getting more. it’s just the base price, multiplied,” another noticed. 

“Think they’ll cater my wedding? It’d cost me less than 100,” one joked. 

Some asked where the IKEA location was, eager to make a visit. It seems that the deal appears to be live in some IKEA stores – but it’s worth calling or visiting your local to find out if they have it.

According to IKEA’s website, customers can throw a picnic once a month where they can order whatever they want, including hot dogs. As well as this, they can also host a hot dog party, but to do so, must be members of IKEA’s Family account. People can sign up online.

Another shopper went viral in February, after they visited Home Depot, and found a $450 item scanning as only $40.

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