Warzone Season 3 sniper rifle wreaks havoc with insane penetration power

Warzone Season 3 sniper rifle wreaks havoc with insane penetration power

MORS sniper rifle has returned to Call of Duty in Season 3, and Warzone players are discovering it has otherworldly piercing capabilities.

As with every new Call of Duty season, Season 3 sees four new weapons join the weapon pool. One of the best additions is the MORS sniper rifle, a returning favorite from Sledgehammer Games’ previous work, Advanced Warfare.

In a surprising turn, the sniper rifle is becoming a Warzone standout. However, it’s not because of its stopping power; it’s because players have discovered it has insane piercing power.

Warzone content creator Symfuhny is one of many players who has demonstrated its prowess, as a simple live ping gives him a chance to knock the tagged opposition with a single shot through a shed.

Symfuhny’s clip isn’t the only one, as plenty of other Warzone clips have showcased the absurdity of the MORS, with players shooting through the ground and more.

The reason for the weapon’s incredible penetration through walls is the combo of the Photonic Charge Barrel and HVP Anti-Material Slug. The former increases shot damage and velocity at full charge, while the latter thoroughly increases the damage dealt by the sniper rifle.

Funnily enough, Call of Duty faced similar issues when the AS VAL arrived in Modern Warfare 2019. The assault rifle had maximum penetration power, leading to insane clips and cheating accusations galore in Warzone.

The developers haven’t said anything yet about the gun’s rise, as some players believe it might be a glitch rather than a design choice. As more Warzone players get their hands on the MORS, expect word from the devs to follow.

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