Weird Overwatch 2 bug could pit you against your own team mid-game

Weird Overwatch 2 bug could pit you against your own team mid-game

One Overwatch 2 player has shared a clip showing that they were switched with the enemy tank player in the middle of a match.

Bugs and glitches are nothing new in Overwatch 2, as they tend to happen from time to time despite all the updates the game’s been getting. However, some could turn the tide of a game, such as this particular bug that switches you with an enemy player in the middle of a match.

One player posted a clip in a Reddit thread showcasing the bug. It started with them playing Wrecking Ball on the Suravasa map. Their entire team consisted of Venture, Cassidy, Mercy, and Lucio.

Things were going well when, all of a sudden, three players from the enemy team left the game at the same time.

Somehow I got switched to the enemy team mid-game?
byu/ThanosIsGhey inOverwatch

The Wrecking Ball player then attempted to dive the remaining enemy. However, instead of the match continuing as usual, they were immediately sent to the hero selection screen — normally seen when loading up a match or in spawn to switch heroes.

The weird thing is, the enemy tank player who was D.Va, ended up filling their spot in their original team — as seen in the scoreboard.. Somehow, despite swapping teams, both players kept their original stats.

While this didn’t happen in a competitive match so the player didn’t have to risk losing their rank, it’s still considered game-breaking. After all, all your effort in the team could go to waste if you suddenly get placed on the losing side.

In the past, something similar has also happened. But instead of swapping one player, the bug caused the entire team to switch places.

When it comes to game-breaking bugs, last week, I remember playing in the Oasis map when suddenly everyone in the lobby got thrown into a new, different map, and we essentially had to start the match from the beginning all over again.

The thought of these kinds of things happening in Competitive is truthfully one of the things that’s holding me back from going back to grinding ranked matches. At the moment, all we can do is hope that they get patched out as soon as possible.

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