Wendy’s launch spicy Frosty with Tajin but there’s a catch

Wendy’s launch spicy Frosty with Tajin but there’s a catch

Wendy’s has unveiled a brand new Spicy Mango Tajin Frosty, but you’ll have to save for a flight to The Bahamas to try it.

Wendy’s is known for its signature Frosty drinks around the world, with the standard Chocolate and Vanilla ones being available year-round. That being said, Wendy’s often launches limited edition flavors inspired by a country’s cuisine, just like the Orange Dreamsicle one they had for a short time in the US.

Now, in The Bahamas, Wendy’s has launched a Mango Tajin Frosty.

This drink is essentially a vanilla Frosty with Mango puree drizzled around the cup and on top of the drink. To make it even more special though, it is then sprinkled with Tajin to give it a chili lime kick.

Wendy’s launch spicy Frosty with Tajin but there’s a catch

Wendy’s new Frosty with a kick.

Although the price of this new Frosty has not yet been released on the Wendy’s website, the price of a large Frosty in the US is priced at $2.29.

If you are a Wendy’s rewards member, you even get a free small Frosty coupon to use on any day throughout your birthday month, so you can try this drink with a friend!

This isn’t the first mango-themed Frosty that Wendy’s has launched, and in The Philippines, you can grab a mango sticky rice Frosty overload as part of their permanent menu.

Tajin became an internet craze back in 2021, but it has been a popular item on the shelves of Mexican food shops for a long time.

The spice is made up of just three ingredients: mild chili peppers, lime, and sea salt. It has a fairly mild heat level, so it won’t make your food crazy spicy, but that sweet/spicy/salty flavor combo is the perfect complement for almost anything you can think of.

If heat is a deal-breaker though, they do offer a habanero version that isn’t as hot.

This spice has always been used on savory foods, but online, people started sprinkling this stuff on fruits like watermelon and mango. After that, they got even more creative and started wrapping gas station pickles in fruit roll-ups and dipping them in the spicy season and Chamoy sauce.

Despite the popularity around the spice, Wendy’s fans in the US have been left wondering when they will get to try this. Some have begged the fast food outlet to bring it over. One person said: “Mango frosty YES! I’d try it.” Another pleaded: “Mango Frosty NEEDS to come to the States, man.”

With all of the hype around this drink, it’s clear that this drink would be a big hit in the US, but Wendy’s has yet to mention whether they plan to serve this drink outside of The Bahamas.

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