What does Helldivers 2 binary post mean? Potential collaboration explained

What does Helldivers 2 binary post mean? Potential collaboration explained

A now-deleted, cryptic post by the Helldivers 2 devs could be a tease for a future collaboration with another game.

The devs of Helldivers 2 are stoking the flames with a since-deleted post that was entirely in binary, possibly referencing another popular horse-shooter, Deep Rock Galactic.

After the binary was posted online, the community was quick to decipher its messaging: “WHERE IS KARL?”

This seems to be a reference to Deep Rock Galactic, whose devs have been campaigning for a collaboration with Helldivers 2 for awhile.

This started when the team behind Deep Rock Galactic, Ghost Ship Games, was streaming Helldivers 2 after its release.

During the stream, they mentioned how they wanted to collaborate with Arrowhead Games, since both games feature the same kind of gameplay and mechanics.

Now, this new post by the Helldivers 2 team seems to be building on this, as Karl is a well-known, unseen character in Deep Rock Galactic.

However, the post has since been taken down, and replaced with a post encouraging everyone to disregard it as a mistake, in typical fashion for the game’s social media team.

But even with that, this new message uses the term “deep-range,” which could be referencing Deep Rock Galactic’s title. Sure, a bit thin, but it’s something worth mentioning when it comes to Arrowhead Games and their love to be cryptic.

There is no official announcement of any kind of collaboration, but it seems that the Helldivers 2 team is at least aware of the community’s desire for it.

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