What is TikTok’s ‘I’m just a guy’ workout trend?

What is TikTok’s ‘I’m just a guy’ workout trend?

TikTok’s ‘I’m just a guy’ workout trend has viewers laughing at its relatability. Here’s what it is all about. 

In one of TikTok’s latest trends, women can be seen imitating men’s workouts while at the gym.

But the mockery doesn’t stop there, as women participate in TikTok’s ‘I’m just a guy’ workout trend, they say excuses and lies that they hear from men.

Typically, the trend consists of a group of women working out together, and each takes their turn at expressing what they’ve heard from a man in a moment where they needed the truth.

With every rep, women can be heard saying things like, “I only want you” or, “My phone was dead.”

Other excuses expressed by women participating in the trend include, “I don’t know how I followed her.” 

As well as, “She’s like a sister to me,” or “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

Viewers of the viral trend have since commented on its hilarity. “The way these excuses are used 24/7!” wrote one.

“Y’all giving away the game,” said another viewer who didn’t want their secrets revealed.

Another viewer even asked one poster if she and their groups of friends were “dating the same people,” to which the poster replied, “Unfortunately,” as what they said was too relatable.

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