What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

Your go-to Starbucks order tells your barista a lot about who you are as a person, so here’s what vibe you’re unintentionally giving off when you choose your coffee.

Your Starbucks order is an extension of yourself, whether you admit it or not. Are you an everyday takeout coffee drinker? Or someone who has a Frappuccino as a treat at the weekend? Either way, your barista knows the type of person you are from the get-go. Sure, maybe you switch it up from time to time to keep them on their toes, but you gravitate towards your go-to drink because it reflects who you are on the inside.

Being a Starbucks barista is not always an easy job, and sometimes, the only fun on a tough shift comes from trying to guess what someone might order from the vibe they give off. I can safely say that in five years of working there, I only got it wrong a handful of times (and those people were ordering for someone else).

I saw hundreds of drinks come and go from Starbucks’ ever-changing menu, so this list has been compiled using the most popular standard drinks that people order daily.

What does your Starbucks order reveal about you?


What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

Latte drinkers are the neutral good of the coffee world

If you’re a latte drinker, you’re a pretty standard customer and are a pleasure to serve. You don’t cause any fuss and always say “please” and “thank you”. You may not be the most eccentric customer, but people know you for being easy-to-read and reliable. You’re just an all-round stand-up person. Nice one.


You’re kind of like the latte drinker but a bit more exotic. You’ve definitely toured Europe at some point and you like your coffee a little bit stronger because you have an activity-packed life. If you get your cappuccino with chocolate powder on top, you’re a little adventurous, and people might see you as the “mom” of your friend group. However, your real friends know you have a wilder side…

Extra-hot skinny vanilla latte

What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

Skinny vanilla lattes are go-getters.

You’re either a soccer mom, a model, or a busy city-dweller on the go. Either way, people who don’t know you might think that you care too much about your looks when, in reality, you’re a go-getter who values your smarts over your appearance. You’re always well put together, quite attractive, and probably quite successful. Good for you.

Black coffee

Okay, okay, everyone gets it – you’re super hardcore because you drink your coffee black. Either you’re a cool, hipster-type who is kind of a snob about good coffee, or you’re someone who pretends to like black coffee to look badass. Whichever one you are, you’re probably a people-pleaser who cares what others think of you. That isn’t always a bad thing though, and people care about your opinions on things.

Hot chocolate

What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

Hot chocolate drinkers are young at heart.

If you drink hot chocolate regularly, you’re probably eight years old. If you aren’t a literal child, you are someone who is young at heart and has a real sweet tooth. You don’t care for current trends and are someone who always stays true to yourself. Even if people think you should grow up or change, you keep doing you.

Matcha latte

If you drink matcha lattes, you are either a free-spirited hippie type who definitely didn’t go to grad school, or you’re a grad school student studying for finals who doesn’t want to drink another coffee. Either way, you definitely do yoga or pilates, and you probably drink this with oat milk because you’re a vegan.

Chai latte

What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

Chai drinkers love cozying up.

Your ideal day is cozying up in a library on a rainy day with a good book. You’re low-key and super cool, and although people think you’re introverted, you’re actually the life of the party if you’re around people that you know well. You’re intelligent and also really kind to baristas—basically, an all-around great person.

Pumpkin spice latte

You live for Fall. You love to wear big-brimmed hats and prance around the pumpkin patch pretending you’re a witch. You also have a black cat and love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You’re quick to get wrapped up in the hype of something, even if it’s not actually that good, because you want an aesthetically pleasing photo for your Instagram.

Any frappuccino

What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

Frappuccino drinkers are a lot of fun to be around.

Some people would dismiss the humble Frappuccino as being a menu item that is designed for children. Actually, they’re super good and definitely the most fun drink on the menu to customize. If you drink these, you’re creative, fun-loving, and someone who likes to think outside the box. They’re some of the most annoying drinks to make, but also a popular lunch-break drink for a barista, so we forgive you.

Any secret menu drink

People who drink from the secret menu regularly are usually in their late teens and chronically online. You have to know the latest TikTok trends, and you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there on social media. You’re also not shy of a challenge and will try anything once.

Pink drink

What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

Pink drink people are wannabe influencers.

You were really into the Kardashians and makeup influencers back in 2016. You’re definitely a budding influencer, and you always have your finger on the pulse of the latest celebrity dramas. Your friends come to you for gossip and you’re a lot of fun to be around.

Caramel macchiato with extra whip, drizzle, and syrup

Someone needs to tell you that it’s okay if you don’t like coffee, even if you’re a full-blown adult. If you need this much sugar in your coffee, you definitely don’t like the taste of it, but you have a busy lifestyle and need the caffeine. Try an energy drink, or get an extra hour of sleep at night.

Double espresso

What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

Espresso drinkers are hardcore.

If you drink double espressos, you are someone who is straight to the point and doesn’t play around. People always know where they stand with you, and although some people might think you’re blunt, you’re actually just brutally honest. You’ve also definitely been on vacation in Italy.

Iced oat milk latte

You’re, like, really cool. You definitely have great fashion taste, great hair, and great taste in music. You’re probably also a bit of a snob. But that’s okay because you are undoubtedly better than everyone else, and your Starbucks barista gives you extras for free. You win.

Whatever the seasonal beverage is

What your Starbucks order say about you, according to an ex-barista

Starbucks’ latest drink release – lavender oat milk chill.

Starbucks is like your second home. You have all the merch, you ran to Walmart for the Stanley Cups, and you know all the seasonal drinks before anyone else. You’re a fiercely loyal person who would do anything for your friends. Oh, and you never go on vacation because you spend all your money at Starbucks.

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