When is Baddies Caribbean Season 5 episode 7 out? Release schedule explained

Je'Kayla Crawford

When is Baddies Caribbean Season 5 episode 7 out? Release schedule explained

Zeus Network

Here’s a look into the episode lineup of one of the hottest reality TV shows on air, Baddies Caribbean Season 5.

If you want to watch a show filled with both friendships and fights, then we suggest you tune into Baddies Caribbean.

The show spotlights a group of women who have to live together and interact with each other, which has led to countless physical arguments.
Most of the cast you’ve already seen fight on-screen before, whether that means on The Jerry Springer Show (Gia “Rollie” Mayham) or Bad Girls Club (Natalie Nunn and Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier).

The show has gained a ton of popularity that has carried it all the way to a fifth season. Speaking of which, here are the details on the episodes for Season 5.

When is Baddies Caribbean Season 5 episode 7 out? Release schedule explained

Baddies Caribbean Season 5 episode schedule

Baddies Caribbean Season 5 Episode 7 is set to air on June 16 on Zeus Network.

The official details of what the episode is going to entail have not been released yet. While the total amount of episodes for this season has also not been unveiled, Season 4 was 20 episodes in length, not counting the three-part reunion.

Here is the schedule for Baddies Caribbean Season 5:

  • Episode 1-We Outside Tonight (May 5, 2024)-“Before heading to the Caribbean, the Baddies link up in Miami where the tone is immediately set.”
  • Episode 2-Flew’d Out (May 12, 2024)- “The Baddies make their way to Barbados after a chaotic welcome dinner.”
  • Episode 3-Don’t Get Too Comfortable (May 19, 2024)- “After arriving in Barbados, the Baddies turn the house into a Battle Royale.”
  • Episode 4-Let’s Get Ready To Rumblllllle (May 26, 2024)- “The Newbies and Replacements square up in all out battle on the beach in Barbados.”
  • Episode 5-Drowned You (June 2, 2024)- “Natalie and Tommie rumble in the ocean.”
  • Episode 6-Last Night in Barbados (June 9, 2024)- “For their last night in Barbados, the Baddies head to the mountain top to clear the air and each other.”
  • Episode 7-Unspecified (June 16, 2024)

How to watch Baddies Caribbean Season 5

All of the episodes this season have been released on Sunday nights on Zeus, which is both the show’s network and the only way you can watch it.

The subscription starts at $5.99 monthly and can go to $59.99 for the annual plan.

Make sure to check back to this guide for more updates on new episodes. Until then, may we suggest Perfect Match Season 2 and Love Island USA Season 6 for some drama.

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