Who is Mr House in Fallout?

Who is Mr House in Fallout?

Mr. House is a villain in the Fallout universe, but what else do we know about the despotic ruler of New Vegas? Spoilers lurk below for the Fallout games and TV series!

While he’s not the main villain of Fallout: New Vegas, Mr. House is a secondary antagonist, and the leader of one of the three joinable factions in the game. The character is also seen in a flashback in the final episode of the Fallout TV series, suggesting that he might play a role in Season 2.

This suggests that the character may have survived the events of Fallout: New Vegas and could still be involved in the story. As the action of the Fallout TV series moves to the Mojave Wasteland, here’s everything there is to know about Mr. House, the ruler of New Vegas.


Who is Mr House in Fallout?

Mr. House appears as a surprise at the end of the Fallout TV show.

Who is Mr. House in Fallout: New Vegas?

Mr. House is a figure from before the bombs dropped in Fallout and has managed to survive for over 200 years after by keeping his body in stasis and giving orders through his advanced robots. Nobody alive has physically seen Mr. House and some have started to believe he’s an AI.

Sometime after the bombs dropped, Mr. House was able to secure Las Vegas using his robot army and eventually turned it into New Vegas, a place of vice and criminality, but somewhere many Wastelanders could come to have some sleazy fun. Those with lots of bottlecaps could do well in New Vegas, but only if they agreed to live under his iron fist.

House would retain his grip on New Vegas for a long time, but would soon start to feel threatened by the advance of the New California Republic (NCR), which had overtaken the Brotherhood of Steel as the most dominant force in the Mojave Wasteland. The dictator was also concerned about the rise of Caesar’s Legion, a powerful and violent Roman-themed group of slavers whose armies would soon fall upon New Vegas if their conquest continued.

Mr. House is the character who hires the Courier, the protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas, to deliver to him an object of immense value known as the Platinum Chip. With this Chip, Mr. House would be able to control a new army of robots he had been working on and planned on using them to defend New Vegas from the NCR and Caesar’s Legion. However, he also planned on allowing both armies to battle for control of Hoover Dam, then mop up the survives and take the water source for himself to expand his power.

Who is Mr House in Fallout?

The NCR wants to bring back democracy to the Wasteland and Mr. House stands in their way.

The Fate of Mr. House

Much of Fallout: New Vegas hinges on the player’s decisions, as does the fate of Mr. House. The player can choose to side with him, however, the AI of his robot army known as “Yes Man” will encourage the Courier to betray House and use the army to take over the Wasteland themselves. The player can agree to this or can pass the Platinum Chip back to House, allowing him to wipe out his enemies.

Should the player choose to betray House, they can either kill him or leave him alive but off from his network, essentially dooming him to a terrible purgatory for his crimes against the people of the Wasteland. If the player sides with Caesar’s Legion or the NCR, they can do the same, but they can also use Yes Man and the robots to betray those factions too. Or they can use the robots to support those factions, securing their victory.

The “Good” ending of Fallout: New Vegas involves siding with the NCR, destroying House and Caesar’s Legion while creating an alliance between the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel. It also involves encouraging groups like the Enclave Remnants, the Boomers, and the Great Khans to join the alliance, ridding the Mojave Wasteland of the Legion and Houses’ influence.

Who is Mr House in Fallout?

Mr. House in his true form is entirely at the player’s mercy in New Vegas.

Mr. House in the Fallout TV series

The fact that LA’s chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel is thriving in the Fallout TV series may be evidence that the good ending of New Vegas is canon. However, Mr. House appears in a flashback and is revealed to be the former owner of Rob-Co – which is new information for Fallout fans, this might suggest the character is far from gone and may be involved in Season 2.

This could be the TV show setting up House to be the next “Big Bad” and having him retroactively confirmed as the man behind Rob-Co also explains his connection to robotics, and how he was able to use them to take over Las Vegas. Mr. House may have survived the events of New Vegas by using his robots and could still be at large in the wider Fallout universe.

Lucy and her allies make their way to Shady Sands in the Fallout TV show and find that the NCR’s base of operations has been nuked, with the faction nowhere to be seen. Could it be that Mr. House took revenge on his old enemies? Looks like we’ll have to wait until Season 2 to find out more.

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