Who is Talon? Full history of Overwatch 2 faction

Who is Talon? Full history of Overwatch 2 faction

Overwatch 2 Season 10 is putting the game’s lore front and center with Mirrorwatch, and Talon is back in the spotlight. So here is everything you need to know about the antagonist of Overwatch. 

Mirrorwatch, set to be the next event and theme of Overwatch 2’s Season 10, is yet again putting Talon’s and Overwatch’s conflicts in the spotlight, albeit in a completely reimagined universe where characters are switched around. 

Despite the inversed nature of the season, it would serve you well to get acquainted with Talon before you dive right into Season 10, so here is all you need to know about the antagonists of Overwatch. 

Who is Talon in Overwatch 2?

Talon is a terrorist organization in the Overwatch universe. 

Established after the end of the Omnic Crisis, Talon’s goal as an organization is to strengthen humanity through conflict. And to achieve its goal, they cause turmoil across the globe to cause said conflict. 

The public face of Talon is as a for-hire mercenary group, however, it is purely used as a cover to pull off their acts of terrorism.

Talon has been responsible for a plethora of assassinations, abductions, skirmishes, political manipulation, and acts of terrorism in Overwatch’s universe.

Such as the assassination of Mondatta, the abduction of Amelie Lacroix, brainwashing her into Widowmaker, and an attack on a Null Sector ship.

Who is involved with Talon in Overwatch 2? 

Being a big organization in the Overwatch universe, Talon has countless members, including the inner council, agents, troopers, and more that haven’t even been revealed. So we will focus on the main ones already in the spotlight. 

Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist, is Talon’s leader. Doomfist rose up through the ranks to eventually become the leader of the organization. 

Talon has an inner council of at least fifteen members, however, only five have been revealed so far. One of the notable ones is Maximilien who appeared in the Storm Rising event. Doomfist is part of the inner council as well. 

The former Blackwatch commander, Gabriel Reyes, better known as Reaper, is also part of Talon. He joined Talon after an internal civil war in Overwatch nearly killed him, only being saved by Talon’s lead scientist. 

Talon’s lead scientist is Moira O’Deorain, whom most players are already familiar with. She had a hand in not only saving Reaper’s life through her experiments but also drastically altering Amelie Lacroix’s physiology to turn her into Widowmaker and make her into a Talon Agent.

Other Talon Agents include Sigma, who was kidnapped and gaslit into joining Talon, Sombra, who joined on her own accord, and Mauga who is a mercenary for Talon and was partnered with former Talon combat medic Baptiste

What is Talon doing now in Overwatch 2? 

As of writing, in Overwatch 2’s ongoing story, Talon has just captured Zenyatta at the Shambali Monastery at the end of Overwatch: Invasion.

Clip starts at 19:22 

After Overwatch has been recalled by Winston due to the global attacks by Null Sector and Ramattra, Talon under the guise of the world crisis, captures the Omnic monk. 

It’s unknown for what reason Talon has captured Zenyatta, though they may be planning to turn him into a Talon agent as they did Sigma and Widowmaker, or as a way to shape politics like the assassination of Mondatta. We’ll just have to stay tuned, if future lore gives us answers to our questions.

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