Why did my Pokemon Go avatar change? New QoL update explained

Why did my Pokemon Go avatar change? New QoL update explained

Pokemon Go’s avatar update is here, leaving many players confused as to why their avatars look so different. So, here’s everything you need to know about the new avatar changes in Pokemon Go.

The avatar update is the first of three major updates coming to Pokemon Go as part of Rediscover. These updates are all about encouraging players to rediscover the game by improving various longstanding features including UI reworks and an updated AR experience.

This new update has caught some trainers completely off guard, by changing how avatars look overnight. Understandably, this has left many lost on why their avatars have such a wildly different appearance now.

For anyone confused by all the changes, here is why Niantic has changed the appearance of avatars and what other changes the quality of life update has introduced.

Why has Niantic changed how avatars look in Pokemon Go?

Niantic has rolled out a new update worldwide overhauling how avatars look in Pokemon Go. The update went live on April 18, 2024, and aims to improve the customizability of avatars, letting you look exactly how you want.

It’s no secret that cosmetics are important in community-driven games and Niantic is now looking to tap into that by giving players more freedom to express themselves. This already existed to an extent with the old system that has been in place since 2016, but this update gives you more opportunities than ever to customize your look.

Although this is the first time the avatar changes have been made live for everyone, Niantic previously rolled them out to select regions in March 2024. This early testing received largely negative feedback from the community. A month on and that hasn’t changed much, with trainers continuing to voice their frustrations.

What has the avatar update changed in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go’s avatar update introduces a wide range of new customization options for you to try out. This includes options to change body type, eye color, skin tone, and hairstyle; as well as smaller improvements to various existing features.

The overall appearance of avatars has also been refreshed giving them a totally different look. These changes give avatars a more realistic design than what was previously available.


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In the official developer blog detailing the avatar update, Niantic lists the following changes that you can now try out for yourself in Pokemon Go:

More Pokemon Go updates similar to the avatar rework will follow as part of the Rediscover event. Rediscover Your World and Rediscover Kanto will both be released on April 22 and Rediscover Your Reality will follow on May 7.

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