Why isn’t My Hero Academia Chapter 421 out this week?

Why isn’t My Hero Academia Chapter 421 out this week?

My Hero Academia Chapter 421 didn’t arrive this week, but here’s the reason why.

My Hero Academia, written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi, is in the middle of its Final War Arc. Like the name of the arc implies, the current storyline of the manga follows the all-out war between the heroes and the heinous force of Tomura Shigaraki and All For One.

Ever since the arc began, the manga has been becoming darker with each new chapter. Recently, it featured the gruesome case of Deku losing both of his arms to Tenko’s Decay. The manga also has All For One returning and taking over Shigaraki’s body permanently – or what seems like it.

However, in the last chapter, the story resolved Deku’s amputation and had his arms return with the help of Eri’s horn. So, it’s no doubt that My Hero Academia Chapter 421 will be very interesting with our hero back in form. Now, let’s find out why the chapter will be delayed.

Why is My Hero Academia Chapter 421 delayed?

My Hero Academia Chapter 421 is delayed because of a scheduled break the manga takes every month.

Why isn’t My Hero Academia Chapter 421 out this week?

Like most weekly manga, My Hero Academia also has at least one break every month. This is to give the author a respite from the grueling workload they constantly face. My Hero Academia takes a scheduled break after every three back-to-back chapters.

Last year the My Hero Academia creator faced health issues thanks to his breakneck schedule and had to take a longer hiatus, so these breaks are very necessary.

After Chapters 418, 419, and 420, My Hero Academia will take a week off before Chapter 421. Due to this scheduled break, the upcoming chapter will be released on April 28. In the United States, the chapter will drop at 7am Pacific Time (PT). However, the spoilers of the chapter will surface on the internet days before the official release date.

In Chapter 421, the fight between AFO and the students of U.A. will begin as Deku’s arms start to grow back. Now that Aizawa and his students have joined the fight, Deku has a better chance of defeating AFO and reaching out to Shigaraki once again.


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But now that he’s transferred all the other Quirks of the past users of One For All to Shigaraki’s body, there’s no telling what AFO will do with them. 

My Hero Academia will be back soon. If you’re a fan of the series, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming movie My Hero Academia: You’re Next. Or you may like our take on Best Jeanist and Dabi’s true identity.

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