Why isn’t there One Piece Episode 1101 this week?

Why isn’t there One Piece Episode 1101 this week?

In the recent episode, One Piece featured Gear 5 again after a few months – but Episode 1101 has been delayed.

One Piece‘s anime is currently following the Egghead Arc of the Final Saga. The arc debuted in January 2024 and has featured a lot of thrilling moments already. The recent episode introduced Gear 5 in a new art style, and fans were absolutely thrilled about watching their favorite transformation again.

CP0 enters Egghead under orders from Gorosei to kill Vegapunk and find the crew there. Luffy and Rob Lucci already fought on Enies Lobby before the time skip, so this episode marks their rematch.

Rob Lucci is confident about his victory since he has awakened his devil fruit powers. However, he’s not the only one who has grown over the years. Luffy’s powers of the Sun God are too overwhelming. One Piece Episode 1101 will continue their battle, but it has been delayed.

Why One Piece Episode 1101 has been delayed

Why isn’t there One Piece Episode 1101 this week?

One Piece Episode 1101 will officially air on April 21. The delay is due to the animation studio. Since there’s a recap episode broadcasting next week, there isn’t any other programming lined up for that time slot.

On April 14, the recap will feature flashbacks from Enies Lobby and the crew’s fight with Cipher Pol to save Robin. The series often airs recaps every few weeks to stay a little behind the manga. This helps the studio have enough material to adapt in the long run and avoid fillers altogether.

Although One Piece has been airing continuously since 1999, it has way fewer fillers compared to other long-running series. The anime is hyping up Luffy’s rematch with Rob Lucci with the flashback. In Enies Lobby, the fight between those was intense. It is still considered one of the best battles in the series.

Even so, Sakazuki knows Luffy’s strength and orders Lucci not to fight him until Kizaru arrives with backup. Things don’t go the way he planned as Lucci shows off his newly awakened powers. Amid all that, Vegapunk explains his theory surrounding the origins of devil fruit.


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He says that devil fruits are manifestations of the desire to see how different paths of evolution can play out. These powers are born out of limitless permutations of imagination. Therefore, each one of these powers showcases a different possibility for the future of humanity.

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