Will there be a Love Is Blind Germany?

Will there be a Love Is Blind Germany?

Love Is Blind Germany is still in production at Netflix, but based on the filming dates, we might have to wait until 2025 to watch it.

While the US version of Love Is Blind is very well-known, there are tons of international adaptations of the series that you should be aware of.

As of now, there are a total of six spinoffs from around the world: Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Habibi (United Arab Emirates), the UK, and the newly announced Argentina.

In addition to these six, Netflix announced back in 2023 that the streaming service has greenlit a German adaptation.

Besides sharing that the premiere season intends to have 30 eligible singles participate in a total of 10 episodes, there hadn’t been any update on the production process of the show and when to expect it, brewing the idea that maybe this spin-off was canceled before it reached our screens. However, there has been a new update that ends that cancellation theory.

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Love Is Blind: Germany is in the casting stage at Netflix.

On April 4, Redseven Entertainment Casting announced an official casting call for Love Is Blind Germany.

The application entails that the bachelor or bachelorette applying to star on the show must be between the ages of 23 and 45. Also, it exposes that the filming dates for the season are from October through November of 2024.

It’s unclear from the call whether or not this is casting for the premiere season or if Season 2 is already in the works before Season 1 has aired. Nonetheless, based on the filming dates, fans should expect to be able to watch LIB Germany by the end of 2025 at the latest.

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