Woman goes viral getting married in front of dying dad in hospital

Woman goes viral getting married in front of dying dad in hospital

A woman filmed her and her partner getting married alongside her dad, who was dying in hospital at the time. 

The video has since gone super viral, accumulating over 44 million views on TikTok. In the clip, TikToker Elisabeth could be seen walking down the corridor at the hospital that they’d made into a makeshift aisle. 

She is visibly emotional, crying as she walks past the hospital staff who are looking on. 

“There’s not many who have a dad who has filled that role so gracefully,” she says and she holds on to his hand.

After the video was posted, people were eager to know how her dad was doing, and asked if he was okay. The creator replied, however, and said “he passed away in June.”

The made several follow-up videos, including one which showed an interaction between her and her dad in his hospital room. 

“I know we wouldn’t have had the life we have without you…So thank you, we love you so much, she says, before leaning over and giving him a kiss. 

The video’s creator captioned the clip: “The saddest and happiest day of my life.” After it was posted on the platform, people felt super emotional watching the event, with one writing: “No because if I was a nurse there I would be balling my eyes out.”

“I know it’s not how you have imagined. It’s a blessing you got the chance to have your dad there!” another comforted. 

Some had similar experiences, writing: “I got married in the hospital beside my dads bed and he passed three hours later! You looked incredibly beautiful.”

“I was married on a hospital ward because my husband was too ill to leave. He passed away 12 days later it will always be one of the hardest and best days of my life,” another shared. 

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