Woman in disbelief when she sees hilarious mistake Walmart made on her birthday cake

Woman in disbelief when she sees hilarious mistake Walmart made on her birthday cake

This TikToker got an unwanted surprise from Walmart on her custom 22nd birthday cake when they took her request way too literally.

Custom birthday cakes from Walmart have been available for years, but recently, they have been going viral on TikTok after several people have posted aesthetically pleasing cakes with cursive writing.

People are buying these cakes and adding a custom message on the top, as well as decorating them with bows. This trend is likely an extension of the “coquette” trend that has been making waves on social media lately.

One TikTok even instructs others on how to order these cakes for under $20:

22-year-old TikToker, Peyton Chimack, tried to order one of these custom cakes for her 22nd birthday, inspired by the “thirsty” cake that went viral and following the instructions to have her chosen phrase written on

Chimack gave these instructions to Walmart’s bakery, “Aries Baby (Small, cursive, and in the middle of the cake.)”

What Chimack got back from Walmart though, was a hilarious surprise that made her “mouth drop”:

Woman in disbelief when she sees hilarious mistake Walmart made on her birthday cake

Walmart took her instructions way too literally

People in the comments were cracking up at this mistake, with one person commenting, “I NEED to know what is going through people’s heads when they are actively piping on what is clearly a note and are really just like ‘yep, no concerns whatsoever!”

Another commented, “I would actually treasure this forever.”

Chimack made a follow-up video in response to a commenter who asked, “I’m just wondering if you went back cause…..” Chimack did indeed go back and get the cake she wanted, and she posted a TikTok showcasing a photoshoot she did with her corrected “Aries Baby” cake.

How to avoid a Walmart cake faux pas

Although Walmart did not comment on this particular mistake, they do have a 90-day return and refund policy on all fresh produce bought in-store. If this does happen to you, you can always go back and get a new one made for free.

Others who have gotten cakes like these suggest actually going into the store and ordering the cake in person at the bakery section to avoid confusion with the cake’s message. Costco also sells custom cakes, but they don’t allow you to order online.

The cakes from Costco cost $15.99, so are only a couple of dollars cheaper than the $17.99 one from Walmart, and the cakes themselves do look pretty similar. And, if you want to get your cake from Costco, why not go the extra mile and do what this woman did by throwing yourself a birthday party in-store for just $30?

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