WoW leak reveals new race coming to The War Within expansion

WoW leak reveals new race coming to The War Within expansion

WoW dataminers have found evidence of what could be a new Allied race in The War Within’s public alpha test.

World of Warcraft’s upcoming The War Within expansion entered alpha testing on April 18, with each week of the testing phase scheduled to focus on a new zone.

The dataminers at Wowhead have scoured the alpha’s files, uncovering proof of an unknown race called the Harronir. In its search, the publication found a whole host of customization options linked to the mystery race.

The extensive customization has led to the belief that the Harronir could be an Allied, or playable, race that Blizzard hasn’t announced. Highly customizable NPCs like the Nightborne or Vulpera have become playable in past expansions.

Wowhead additionally posits players will encounter the Harronir in higher-level zones. This conclusion stems from the race boasting design elements harkening back to the likes of Elves, Trolls, and Venthyr.

Additionally, the datamine revealed a Hannan’s Scythe quest item, whose description refers to it as a weapon “capable of absorbing nature magic for reuse.” Of course, this points to the Harronir having experience with the nature magic from which the Druids draw their source of power.

Since marketing materials for WoW: The War Within have yet to feature the Harronir, there’s no telling when Blizzard will formally unveil the new race.

But if the race does launch with the expansion, players may not have to wait too long to find out more. The War Within will arrive sometime in late 2024.

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