WoW players call for major Heirloom reworks ahead of The War Within

James Lynch

World of Warcraft is in a great spot right now, with more ways to play the MMO than ever before. That said, the pending release of The War Within has the community voicing their most desired changes, and one system in particular is coming in for some criticism.

Heirlooms are an armor system that allows players to maintain solid gear for leveling without having to change items regularly. They also used to provide flat additional experience, significantly shortening the amount of grinding required throughout the journey.

The main barrier to a full outfit of these items was the cost. Not only do the Heirlooms have to be bought, they also have to be upgraded to the level cap. This prohibitive cost was justifiable for the advantages it used to provide, but without the experience buff, many feel it’s time for a major change.

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In a post on Reddit, one user shared their belief that upgrades should be made cheaper. This prompted extensive discussion on the Heirloom system more generally, with many feeling that reworks are necessary beyond the cost.

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It’s time for Heirloom upgrades to go
byu/Schfaffendudel inwow

One player said, “IMO the entire heirloom system just needs to be reworked. They are barely a convenience at this point, the only reason I use them is because I already have them. Just make them scale to current expac starts and make a create entire set option on the heirloom screen, where I create a standard gear set for my class/spec.”

Another added their suggestions, saying, “Heirlooms should: 1. Cover every slot without gaps or FOMO (looking at you, rings). 2. Not require upgrading (i.e. work all the way to level cap). 3. Have no set bonus.”

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A third added an elegant potential solution, drawing inspiration from the ongoing WoW Remix event. They said, “They could squish all of them into a cloak. A la MoP remix. So you’re then just upgrading one cloak with gold instead of 72 items. And that cloak levels 1 to 80 with a fixed xp buff that’s similar to Awakened items from bullion now.”

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At the time of writing Blizzard has not passed any comment on the Heirloom system. It is unlikely that a rework will arrive at the time of The War Within’s release, with many of the upcoming features of the expansion already known.


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