XDefiant players welcome jump spam changes but want devs to do more

Declan Mclaughlin

XDefiant players welcome jump spam changes but want devs to do more


XDefiant players are happy that the developers have addressed jump and crouch spamming in the latest update, but some want Ubisoft to do more.

Movement is one of the core mechanics in XDefiant as players have a lot of freedom when it comes to strafing, jumping, and crouching in the FPS title. However, a vocal portion of the player base has been up in arms about people spamming jump and crouch mid-gun fight and coming away with a kill.

The devs quickly said they would address jump and crouch spam at some point and did so with a June 12, 2024 update.

Now, after four jumps or crouches in a row, an incredibly erratic aim sway will kick in. This makes it difficult for anyone to hit accurate shots and actively discourages people from spamming the jump and crouch buttons.

Players praised Ubisoft for the nerf across social media. However, some said they didn’t think the devs went far enough.

“Should kick in after TWO jumps, not Four. But otherwise a step in the right direction,” one player said on Twitter/X.

Players on Reddit also wanted more done to combat jump shooting, with even those who deemed it a good change asking for another tweak.

“Played a couple of games with it now. Won’t make a difference most of the time. You get three jumps before it comes into play and most gunfights will be over by then. Still a good change,” one Reddit user said.

The developers clearly still want players to be able to jump and crouch around while shooting but also don’t want to reward people for pressing the input over and over again.

Fights in XDefiant can be over in an instant, though, so while this will stop players from spamming jump right from spawning in, it won’t kill jump shooting altogether.


XDefiant dev claps back at players who say they do “nothing” to fix the game

Only time will tell if this change will impact how players perform in fights or use XDefiant’s unique movement mechanics to their advantage, but it looks like the game is moving in the right direction with this change.

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