xQc claims Twitch forced him to attend therapy session to get unbanned

xQc claims Twitch forced him to attend therapy session to get unbanned

xQc claimed during his stream that a Twitch employee once made him go to a therapy session in order to get unbanned from the streaming platform.

On April 19, xQc was streaming live on Kick as he played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with TrainwrecksTV and Adin Ross when he claimed Twitch forced him to go to therapy to stay on their platform.

During the stream, they played various matches together, which led to various “trash talk” between the group in true CoD fashion, such as TrainwrecksTV butting heads with xQc after they argued over who was richer.

However, they also discussed various hot topics in the streaming community. One of the big ones was around Adin Ross’ permanent Twitch ban, something that’s become a hot topic considering his “retirement“.

Ross was a repeat offender and eventually was permanently banned from Twitch in 2023. To no avail, he made the switch to Kick as a brand ambassador and quickly became the face of the rival platform.

When asking advice for on how he could actually get unbanned, Trainwrecks replied: “I think you can get unbanned easily, I’ll be honest… Just talk to them.” To which Ross asked: “Do I have to go to therapy?”

Despite his question being a joke, xQc chimed in, “They actually had me go to therapy once,” and claimed that he was made to go to “one session with a Twitch employee, like a therapeutic session touching base with them.”

As the two streamers quizzed him, he further revealed: “That was the ban, because of the gorillas or something like that…Like a gorilla making s*x for half a second.”

This particular ban goes all the way back to 2021 when xQc was hit with a permanent ban from Twitch after he was baited by viewers into watching the intimate video. Despite it only being on the screen for a couple of seconds, as it went against the platform’s guidelines, he was soon banned.

These guidelines have often changed, as they already have numerous times already in 2024, but xQc has avoided any bans for the past three years on Twitch and so far, has never been banned on Kick. In total, he has been served five bans from Twitch across his streaming career.


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