Yellowstone fans want Beth and Jamie to team up against unexpected character

Jessica Cullen

Yellowstone fans want Beth and Jamie to team up against unexpected character


Yellowstone fans are putting an unlikely pairing together in the hopes they’ll unite against one of the biggest characters on the show.

While Yellowstone might be inconsistent by way of plot, there’s one relationship that’s always stayed true. The hateful duo of Jamie and Beth Dutton on the Taylor Sheridan show has been one of the most enduring examples of enemies.

Since childhood, the two have hated each other, and use any chance they can to take the other down. They’re a polarizing pair who usually inspire much discussion between Yellowstone fans, especially when the Dutton family tree is all but torn down thanks to their endless battle.

But when it comes to Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2, fans wouldn’t mind seeing the siblings work together for the greater good, especially if it means they could take down the ultimate enemy: John Dutton.

“I want Jamie and Beth to turn on John. I’d love to see Jamie and Beth reconcile on the realize that John and Evelyn caused so much trauma for them,” one fan on Reddit wrote. “Beth should really blame John more than Jamie. John has also been pretty sh*tty to her husband Rip as well.”

“It would be an interesting twist,” another user agreed.

“I think that would be utterly brilliant,” said one response. “There was that speech in the last episode where Jamie says something like ‘[John] is the biggest threat to the ranch and you know it.’ Maybe they will unite?

“They’d be almost unstoppable if they were working together. It seems very unlikely that those two would make up, but I’d love to see it happen. Especially if all three of the kids were in on it.”

“It does seem highly unlikely, but that’s why I think it would be awesome, because everyone’s trajectory seems set. Seeing that balance change could be fun to watch,” another agreed.


Yellowstone fans divided over Beth’s meanest moment

Some are more realistic, and don’t see this particular alliance happening at all. As one user wrote: “Beth would never turn against John, and in case you haven’t noticed… she HATES Jamie with a burning passion. She would never unite with him on anything. I have to admit your idea would be kinda great though.”

The question of John’s parental skills has long been in question, ever since the start of the drama series. In fact, given his proclivity for murder and neglecting his children, many say he’s the true big bad. Fans have also turned on his wife, Evelyn Dutton, accusing her of being a manipulative and bad parent.

Still, it would take a lot for Jamie and Beth to finally put aside their differences — and that would be a lot of ground for the remaining Yellowstone episodes to cover.

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