Yellowstone soundtrack: All the music and singers in the show

Yellowstone soundtrack: All the music and singers in the show

Here’s the entire Yellowstone soundtrack from Seasons 1-5, including all the songs and singers featured in Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy kingdom.

The only thing in Yellowstone more synonymous with the cowboy way of life than say, the cattle or the horses, is the soundtrack. Packed with country music — from moody guitar ballads to upbeat hits — the music featured in the show is a sure-fire way to get any country fan’s foot tapping.

Thankfully, the Taylor Sheridan show takes full advantage of having several singers and country stars featured in the Yellowstone cast. Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Ryan Bingham, and Lainey Wilson are all part of the crew, with many having their musical work appearing in multiple Yellowstone episodes.

Here’s the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, including the names of songs and artists, broken down into seasons.


Yellowstone Season 1 soundtrack

Yellowstone’s first season has plenty of work to do. We’re introduced to the never-ending list of Yellowstone characters, the show’s gorgeous settings, and the Dutton family ethos. As John Dutton comes to terms with the deaths of loved ones and builds a bond with his only biological grandson, Tate, this is the start of the Yellowstone journey.

Yellowstone Season 1’s soundtrack features some known names from the country music scene, including Chris Stapleton, Whiskey Myers, and ranch hand Walker himself, Ryan Bingham. (Keep your eyes peeled for a Clint Eastwood musical cameo!)

Yellowstone soundtrack: All the music and singers in the show

Episode 1: ‘Daybreak’

Episode 2: ‘Kill the Messenger’

Episode 3: ‘No Good Horses’

Episode 4: ‘The Long Black Train’

Episode 5: ‘Coming Home’

Episode 6: ‘The Remembering’

Episode 7: ‘A Monster Is Among Us’

Episode 8: ‘The Unravelling: Pt. 1’

Episode 9: ‘The Unravelling: Pt. 2’

Yellowstone Season 2

The second season of Yellowstone sees the Duttons scattered and in disarray. Jamie is dealing with the consequences of breaking out from under John’s thumb, and Kayce and his family struggle to stay together. New Yellowstone villains come into the fold, and the stakes continue to grow higher as John attempts to keep his ranch afloat against sabotage.

The soundtrack continues to build the world of Yellowstone, with tracks from Lainey Wilson (who would go on to play Abby in later seasons), Kacey Musgraves, and Kevin Costner himself.


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Yellowstone soundtrack: All the music and singers in the show

Episode 1: ‘A Thundering’

Episode 2: ‘New Beginnings’

Episode 3: ‘The Reek of Desperation’

Episode 4: ‘Only Devils Left’

Episode 5: ‘Touching Your Enemy’

Episode 6: ‘Blood the Boy’

Episode 7: ‘Resurrection Day’

Episode 8: ‘Behind Us Only Grey’

Episode 9: ‘Enemies by Monday’

Episode 10: ‘Sins of the Father’

Season 3

Season 3 dedicates itself to the newest antagonist on the block, Roarke Morris. But that’s far and away the least interesting part of the season, when you consider how it all ends. As the show tackles the Duttons being attacked from all angles (accumulating in one of the best season finales across the board), the pressure is on for John to establish a trustworthy circle.

It’s more of the same from this season, with Kevin Costner, Lainey Wilson, and Ryan Bingham leading the charge from the cast on the Yellowstone soundtrack. There’s also some Zach Bryan and Jon Pardi tracks here, too.

Yellowstone soundtrack: All the music and singers in the show

Episode 1: ‘You’re the Indian Now’

Episode 2: ‘Freight Trains and Monsters’

Episode 3: ‘An Acceptable Surrender’

Episode 4: ‘Going Back to Cali’

Episode 5: ‘Cowboys and Dreamers’

Episode 6: ‘All for Nothings’

Episode 7: ‘The Beating’

Episode 8: ‘I Killed a Man Today’

Episode 9: ‘Meaner Than Evil’

Episode 10: ‘The World Is Purple’

Season 4

Season 4 might not be the favorite among Yellowstone fans, but there are things to love. Namely, this is the season in which John Dutton catches himself a vegan. Summer Higgins then goes about trying to dismantle his way of thinking, with no avail. What’s more, she’s also a punching bag for Beth, who shows her time and time again who’s boss.

Ryan Bingham shows up again on this season’s Yellowstone soundtrack, with country legend Willie Nelson making an appearance, too. There’s also a Tim McGraw track in here, which is apt, since the singer is a Dutton himself, playing James Dutton in the Yellowstone spinoff, 1883.

Yellowstone soundtrack: All the music and singers in the show

Episode 1: ‘Half the Money’

Episode 2: ‘Phantom Pain’

Episode 3: ‘All I See Is You’

Episode 4: ‘Winning or Learning’

Episode 5: ‘Under a Blanket of Red’

Episode 6: ‘I Want To Be Him’

Episode 7: ‘Keep The Wolves Close’

Episode 8: ‘No Kindness for the Coward’

Episode 9: ‘No Such Thing As Fair’

Episode 10: ‘Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops’

Season 5 Part 1

This is the season where everything went wrong. In the real world, Season 5 Part 1 signified the last piece of Yellowstone unaffected by the show’s cancellation and Kevin Costner’s exit. In-show, it’s a political nightmare as John Dutton does the one thing he’s never wanted to do: become governor. It’s a strategic move, but one that brings him no pleasure as he tries to remain a rancher at heart.

Zach Bryan features heavily throughout the Yellowstone soundtrack this season, and there’s the added treat of Dolly Parton being in the mix. There’s also Luke Grimes’ song, ‘No Horse to Ride’, which is easily one of his best.

Yellowstone soundtrack: All the music and singers in the show

Episode 1: ‘One Hundred Years Is Nothing’

Episode 2: ‘The Sting of Wisdom’

Episode 3: ‘Tall Drink of Water’

Episode 4: ‘Horses in Heaven’

Episode 5: ‘Watch ‘Em Ride Away’

Episode 6: ‘Cigarettes, Whiskey, A Meadow and You’

Episode 7: ‘The Dream Is Not Me’

Episode 8: ‘A Knife and No Coin’

Yellowstone score and original music

The Yellowstone original score is composed by Brian Tyler, who recorded the score with musicians from the London Philharmonia Orchestra.

You can listen to the Yellowstone album by Brian Tyler here. For easy listening, Spotify has the whole soundtrack complied into a playlist, but be warned — unlike our list, it’s not in chronological order.

The best songs from Yellowstone

The best songs to listen to from the Yellowstone soundtrack vary depending on your taste, but a good place to start would be to check out the music from the Yellowstone cast themselves, such as Lainey Wilson, Luke Grimes, and Ryan Bingham.

Lainey Wilson is a Grammy Award-winning artist, and has also won six Academy of Country Music Awards. She’s also currently on a world tour. Her music is very much on the more upbeat side of things, so her songs are perfect if you’re looking for a little breather post-Yellowstone drama. (The song ‘Watermelon Moonshine’ listed above is one of her biggest hits.)

Luke Grimes is also making a name for himself in the country music world. As we mentioned above, one of his best songs is ‘No Horse to Ride’, so that’s worth a listen. Otherwise, Ryan Bingham is also a solid choice — ‘The Weary Kind’ is a song he actually wrote for the film Crazy Heart, which appears here.

That’s it for the Yellowstone soundtrack! Check back for updates once Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 arrives, and don’t forget to check out our guides on the 1923 Season 2 release date, Yellowstone 2024, and 6666.

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