Yellowstone stars may work together on unexpected project

Yellowstone stars may work together on unexpected project

Two Yellowstone stars have something in common other than the Taylor Sheridan show, meaning they might work together again.

Despite both being members of the Yellowstone cast, Luke Grimes and Lainey Wilson don’t actually interact on the Taylor Sheridan show. Which makes sense — Wilson’s Abby doesn’t come in until Season 5, and even then she only really has eyes for ranch hand Ryan. But the two actors have something else in common: they’re both country music stars.

In fact, both Grimes and Wilson appear on the Yellowstone soundtrack. Wilson several times over, and Grimes with his single ‘No Horse to Ride.’ They’re not the only singers in the cast by a country mile, but the connection is one that Wilson has thought about. When asked about a possible collaboration with Grimes, the Grammy Award winner is definitely game.

“I hope so. I’m a big fan and I think he’s just cool,” she told American Songwriter. “He’s really, really good and really talented. I’m glad to see him stepping into that creative side.”

Being one of the most popular country musicians right now (and currently embarking on a world tour) makes her schedule pretty tight, but Wilson is making it known that she’s still available for a return in Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2.

“A couple of years ago when we were filming, my schedule was crazier than it is now,” she said. “We were probably playing a hundred and sixty-something shows. This year, we’re not playing as many shows. I think we’ll be able to figure it out.”

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