You can watch the Doctor Who Season 14 finale in theaters, on one condition

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You can watch the Doctor Who Season 14 finale in theaters, on one condition


Doctor Who fans can rejoice, as they’ll be able to watch the Season 14 two-part finale on the big screen — but only in select locations.

Doctor Who Season 14 is approaching the end, with its two-part finale coming out on June 15 and 22. The new episodes will hopefully piece together some of the most tantalizing mysteries of Season 14 so far, and what better way to watch it than in the theater?

However, viewers in the US shouldn’t get too excited, since the cinematic screenings are only available in the UK. At the time of writing, no US screenings are in the pipeline, so it’s looking like you’ll need to stick with Disney Plus.

However, audiences in the UK can head to the theater to watch a two-part marathon for both ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ and ‘Empire of Death’. The two-parter starts at 11pm BST, and is available in select cinemas.

These days, TV screenings in movie theaters are becoming more common, with shows like Doctor Who, The Chosen, and Game of Thrones all jumping on the big-screen bandwagon. This practice, however, is nothing new, and even dates back to the 1950s.

Obviously, US fans aren’t over the moon about their UK counterparts getting to witness the grand finale in theaters while they’re left with the streaming service experience.

“Wish we got this in the US, love seeing Who up on the big screen,” said one Reddit user.

“This really sucks!” said another. “I wish I would be able to see Doctor Who in a cinema once…”

But those across the pond will still be able to watch the last Doctor Who episodes of the season as per usual, since both instalments will drop at 7pm ET on June 14 and 21, respectively. And for those in the UK who won’t be able to make it out, they’ll still be available to watch at midnight on BBC iPlayer.

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