Young Sheldon finale plot confirmed by leaked set photos

Young Sheldon finale plot confirmed by leaked set photos

With a month to go until the finale episode airs, leaked set photos of Young Sheldon Season 7 confirm where the series will end up.

We’re over halfway through Young Sheldon Season 7 and there are still plenty of plotlines left to wrap up. However, leaked set photos posted on Reddit confirm that Sheldon’s start at Caltech will be on the cards for the finale.

Young Sheldon first touched base with Caltech back in Season 3, when East Texas Tech paid for Sheldon and George to fly to California to see a talk by Stephen Hawking. This leads to the pair visiting the hallowed canteen — somewhere Sheldon is frequently seen in The Big Bang Theory.

As fans of TBBT will know, Sheldon first went to study at Caltech at the precise age of fourteen and a half, receiving his first doctorate at the age of 16. He then spent four years on his second dissertation there before obtaining his position as a theoretical physicist.

It’s thanks to this that Sheldon’s start at Caltech is the most likely way for Young Sheldon Season 7 to conclude. However, there’s still the matter of George’s death, which is set to be addressed in an as-of-yet-unknown capacity.

In a previous interview with TV Line, executive producer Steve Holland stated about George: “I don’t want to say what you will or won’t see, but things will get addressed. We are not beholden to every joke that was ever made on The Big Bang Theory, but we do feel beholden to the larger canon and the larger events that shape Sheldon’s life. We want to honor those.”

The leaked Caltech set photo also hints that Young Sheldon Season 7 has almost finished filming completely, with cast members teasing similar lines on their social media accounts.

“They have to be getting close to the end then. This is actually probably the last episode,” one fan agreed on Reddit.

Young Sheldon Season 7 continues on CBS until May 16, 2024. Make sure to catch up with plenty more great TV shows to stream this month.

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