Young Sheldon star reveals the “phenomenal” reason behind one key change

Young Sheldon star reveals the “phenomenal” reason behind one key change

In a recent podcast interview, one Young Sheldon star has revealed why one key change to the sitcom has made it “phenomenal.”

Ask any fan of Young Sheldon and they’ll tell you how special it is, but cast member Lance Barber has just revealed that the show is “phenomenal” for a completely different reason — its 9-5 filming schedule.

During an interview on the Box Angeles podcast, Barber — who plays patriarch George Cooper Sr. on the show — hinted that Young Sheldon is unlike any other sitcom just because it is able to film in family-friendly hours. “It’s a show with kids, man. I can’t talk enough about how great this show is in this specific time in my life personally.

“I’m home for dinner most nights, which is unheard of in single-camera television. I think I’ve missed bedtime twice in all the seasons that we’ve done. It’s phenomenal.”

Barber talked about his life and career leading up to his role in Young Sheldon, feeling as though he had “made it” well before joining the Cooper family. However, in later years, he feels this his priorities have changed.

“I had made it a long time ago before I got this,” Barber explained. “There were new goals being set because I was a family person… I’m a family man and I’ve been lucky enough to make insurance and maintain my SAG insurance. That was a goal.”

While George Cooper‘s past has clearly helped Barber out in his life, the same might not be said for his future. Alongside Young Sheldon wrapping for good next month as Season 7 draws to a close, his own character is set to be killed off — although details around this are few.

“I knew I wasn’t dying in that episode. I knew I had a long[er] life,” Barber told TV Insider about his health scare in earlier seasons. “The history that Big Bang had established is that George dies when Sheldon is 14. And now, he’s 14. I have nothing but gratitude [to this show]. I did have the luxury of knowing from the beginning to be emotionally prepared.


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Young Sheldon Season 7 continues on CBS until May 16, 2024. Make sure to catch up with plenty more great TV shows to stream this month.

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