Young Sheldon star slams CBS for canceling series

Young Sheldon star slams CBS for canceling series

Young Sheldon star Annie Potts has criticized CBS for canceling the show in a recent interview ahead of the Season 7 finale.

The actress, who is best known for playing Connie Tucker — a.k.a Meemaw — called the network out in a recent interview with AssignmentX for perhaps pulling the plug too soon.

“It’s sad because I didn’t expect it. We’re the Number One show on network TV and the Number One show on Netflix. Who cancels this?” Potts explained.

However, the creators behind the hit sequel have a different opinion, stating that the upcoming Season 7 finale was exactly the right time for CBS to end Young Sheldon.

“There [are] certain things that we know happened in Sheldon’s life when he’s 14, as the character is this season, and we started talking about the future of the show and what it would look like,” executive producer Steve Holland stated via “We know he goes off to Caltech at 14. It just felt like the right time to end the show and to end it strong while it was still on top.”

Fellow executive producer Chuck Lorre added: “That’s a level of hubris that I think gets in the way of doing a good job. You do what feels right. You do what feels appropriate for the characters and the relationships, the tone of the show. You do stuff that touches yourself, and then you hope someone agrees with you.”

There’s currently still a big hill for Meemaw to climb in Season 7, having been placed under house arrest in last week’s episode. Police raided her illegal gambling room at the back of the laundromat, and considered her a flight risk after running away to resist arrest.

Meemaw has also previously lost her house and all of her belongings in the Medford tornado. As a result, she’s currently living with boyfriend Dale after a short stint at the Cooper house.

While fans are also bereft over the cancellation of Young Sheldon, CBS does have another trick up its sleeve. The network has ordered a spinoff focusing on Georgie and Mandy’s blossoming family life, which is due to start filming this July.


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Young Sheldon Season 7 continues on CBS until May 16, 2024. Make sure to catch up with plenty more great TV shows to stream this month.

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