Young Sheldon’s ending may be more morbid than we thought

Young Sheldon’s ending may be more morbid than we thought

Death is already on the cards in Season 7, but Young Sheldon’s ending might actually be more morbid than fans first thought.

As Young Sheldon’s ending approaches, fans are having to get adjusted to the idea that George Cooper’s death will play out in the next few weeks. However, others have figured out something even more disturbing — that by the time The Big Bang Theory begins, a huge chunk of the prequel’s characters will have died.

According to fans on Reddit, the Young Sheldon death hitlist would read as follows:

What we do know thanks to TBBT is that Meemaw would still be alive — albeit her character is completely different — played by June Squibb in one episode cameo. With a 13-year gap between the timelines of the two shows, it’s not too surprising that a few older faces would likely be lost along the way.

“No assumption needed,” a second fan weighed in about Meemaw. “In the TBBT finale, the first of the congratulatory texts that Sheldon received after he and Amy won the Nobel Prize was from Meemaw.”

A third agreed, “I think we can safely assume Meemaw is still alive or we would have heard otherwise from Sheldon. Based on the ages of the actors relative to Annie Potts, I think it’s safe to assume that Ms McElroy, June, Gene Lundy (who is immortal), and Ira may all still be alive. President Hagemeyer is an edge case.”

However, even if there’s no death involved, there are a huge number of characters missing from Young Sheldon, often leaving without a solid goodbye. While fans are still holding out hope for a return of the likes of June Ballard, both Paige and Tam have been confirmed to appear in the hour-long Season 7 finale.

Young Sheldon Season 7 continues on CBS until May 16, 2024. Make sure to catch up with plenty more great TV shows to stream this month.

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