Zack Snyder promises Rebel Moon cut contains “over the top” sex and violence

Zack Snyder promises Rebel Moon cut contains “over the top” sex and violence

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon may be split between two parts, but he promises the bonus “director’s cut” will be filled with sex and violence.

Despite many critics bashing Rebel Moon, the first part of Zack Snyder’s sci-fi epic, the director still has a whole second part in store for fans along with a director’s cut.

In past interviews, Snyder explained that a director’s cut of Rebel Moon was always in the works as he had a different vision of what he wanted the film to be, but he didn’t want to alienate a large part of his audience so they filmed essentially two different movies.

And now the director has given fans an insight into what they should expect from Rebel Moon: The Director’s Cut, as he told Unilad, “The way I like to talk about it is that I think the two cuts that are coming are almost like alternative universe cuts more than an extended version. Like we call it the Director’s Cut. But they’re just like another movie.”

“We planned it while we were shooting, you know, we actually photographed the actors saying different dialogue. We knew that we were almost doing a foreign language version. You know, you actually knew as we were filming, like, okay, that’s for the R rated.”

Snyder also explained that he believes fans will be blown away at the difference of the new cut of the movie, stating, “The tone of the film changes tremendously, because it’s more over the top, and purposely over the top [in terms of] the sex and violence. It actually colors the movie, as it becomes more of a, I don’t wanna say like a parody, but it’s more self aware, you know, because the violence is so insane, that you’re now like, oh, like it, this is the thing that shouldn’t exist in the sci fi movie at this scale.”

It’s not surprising to hear that Snyder has a whole new cut of a movie he filmed, as he famously helmed the release of his personal cut of the Justice League movie, which he was in charge of directing before Joss Whedon took over.


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The director also said that the violent cut of Rebel Moon will premiere in the summer of 2024, which will be months after the release of Rebel Moon Part II.

Rebel Moon Part 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix. For more movies, check out our guide to everything streaming this month.

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