Best Call of Duty merch and gifts to check out In 2024

Rep your squad and K/D ratio with pride.

Call of Duty is about as big as video games can get, so there is plenty of cool merch to pick up for obsessed CoD players around the world.

Whether it comes to wearing it, playing it, or simply displaying it, there’s no shortage of cracking Call of Duty merch to buy with your “IRL CoD Points” to express your love of all things Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and more.

If you’re looking for Call of Duty merch, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our list of the best CoD merch to pick up this year.

Our top Call of Duty gifts and merch this year

2024 is the year of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, but the CoD franchise goes deeper and longer than that. There’s plenty of merch to pick up, whether you’re looking for apparel, toys, or decorative items to show off your fandom.

1. Ghost YouTooz figure

Arguably one of CoD’s most recognizable characters, Ghost can stand watch on your desktop, TV stand, or anywhere you’d like with this awesome YouTooz figurine. Standing at 4.6 inches tall, Ghost is made with “smooth and durable vinyl,” and is a high-quality product by all standards.

2. MW3 desk mat

PC gamers who grind Warzone and MW3 for hours on end will love this piece of CoD merch. This mat is 35 inches long and 15 inches tall, perfect to hold and protect both a keyboard and mouse for long, intense gaming sessions.

3. Call of Duty Nuketown t-shirt

Inspired by the sign in every CoD player’s favorite town, this Nuketown shirt sports the iconic look and lets everyone know you love to farm noobs by aiming down sights into the backyard spawn areas.

4. Ghillie Suit Sniper YouTooz figure

Ghost has no problems going it alone on missions, but you can watch his six with this Ghillie Suit Sniper, inspired by the classic All Ghillied Up mission from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare; an all-time classic.

5. Call of Duty: Warzone KontrolFreek thumbsticks

If you play CoD on a controller, KontrolFreek thumbsticks are a must-have. These thumbsticks provide a better grip and a longer stick for more accuracy and precision when shooting enemies at long-range in games like Warzone.

I have been using KontrolFreek thumbsticks for years, and after a small adjustment period to get used to the feel, I cannot go back to using controllers without them. The added grip and accuracy are a huge improvement on base controllers.

There are multiple kinds of CoD thumbstick designs for both PlayStation and Xbox controllers that can be found on KontrolFreek’s website.

6. CoD Warzone “Buy Me Back” shirt

Listen, we’ve all done it. We’ve all pushed a team by ourselves and got destroyed and then begged the squad to buy us back. This shirt is the perfect piece of CoD merch for the one squad member who always seems to be losing in the Gulag.

7. MW3 blue light gaming glasses

These Gunnar brand glasses protect players’ eyes from harmful blue light rays, which can cause damage to those who look at screens all day long (whether at work or at play), so these are a great pickup for CoD fans. The purchase also includes a glasses case, pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth, a 12-month warranty, and a code for a Task Force 141 weapon charm to use in-game.

8. Captain Price YouTooz figure

You can never go wrong with the Captain. Arguably the Modern Warfare series’ main character, this Captain Price vinyl figure can stand alongside Ghost and the Ghillie Suit Sniper wherever you’d like them. I prefer to keep them around my PC setup or flanking my TV, keeping watch on things at all times.

9. CoD Zombies Monkey Bomb plush

The perfect item for the Zombies-obsessed CoD gamer in your life, this is one of the cutest pieces of Call of Duty merch there is. It’s nine inches tall and has a wicked smile on its face, so you can’t go wrong with this for any Zombies player.

10. Call of Duty K/D Party Game

How about a game outside of the game? Warzone players who squad up IRL for some fun can try this game out for a different spin on Call of Duty merch.

“Move your operators around the map and battle to capture dares before the other players,” the game’s descripton says. “When you land on a dare, assign it to an enemy and watch them complete it! From push-up challenges, squad party rules, and blank dare tiles for you to fill in yourself, the Call of Duty: K/D Party Game will have your squad laughing all night long.”

11. Damascus Camo Tumbler

If you miss the Damascus camo from Warzone 1, this tumbler is perfect for keeping coffee hot or iced tea cold.

12. Women’s “Melted” tank top

Whether it’s hot outside or you want to let everyone know how badly you just defeated an enemy, this tank top gets the point across beautifully.

13. Call of Duty camo can cooler

No one wants to get up for more ice during some hardcore gaming sessions. Make sure those sodas or beers stay cold with this can cooler.

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