Best VALORANT merch and gifts to check out in 2024

There’s something for every kind of VALORANT fan

Fans of the Riot Games hero shooter VALORANT might be wondering what kind of merch for the game is available to get their hands on, whether they are used as gifts to fellow fans for special occasions or as a treat for themselves. 

There are all sorts of official and fan-made VALORANT-themed gifts out there, from plushies to keychains and more, so we will be looking at 13 merch and gift choices that are sure to make the VALORANT fan in your life happy. 

Our top picks for VALORANT merch and gifts this year

1) VALORANT Singularity Knife Model

There are various skins available in VALORANT for your weapons, including skins for the melee knife. One particularly popular skin is the Singularity Knife, thanks to its cool combination of a black grip with a bright purple blade that glows. 

Even if you’re buying this as a gift for someone who doesn’t have the Singularity Knife skin in the game, the model is still sure to be a great choice of a present, as it has such an awesome design and is sure to be instantly recognized by VALORANT fans. The model is sturdy and sizable, and also comes with a PU leather case to keep it safe. 

2) Reaver Karambit Knife Model

While we are on the topic of some of the coolest knife skins in VALORANT, the Reaver Karambit is another skin that’s a favorite among VALORANT players. 

Though small in size, this model of the Reaver Karambit knife skin is an awesome display piece for fans. Be careful around little ones though, as the model is said to be slightly sharp rather than completely dull. Make sure you are gifting it to someone who is old enough to know to keep it in a safe place. 

3) VALORANT Character Laser Engraved Crystal Figure

Another gift for a VALORANT fan that’s well suited to be displayed, these laser-engraved crystal figures are a sophisticated yet fun choice. 

You get a choice of characters with this decoration, with Reyna, Killjoy, Sage, Jett, Viper, and Omen as available options. The statues have a 3D look to them thanks to the 16 LED RGBW colors. You can also change the brightness of the statue lights and choose between four different lighting modes.

4) VALORANT Birthday Party Decorations

If you are planning on gifting some of your chosen VALORANT merch to someone as a birthday present, then why not go all out with the theme and get some VALORANT birthday party decorations?

This pack of decorations includes a range of items, such as a birthday banner, 24 cupcake toppers, a cake topper, and 24 latex balloons, all of which feature the characters from VALORANT. Some of the balloons and the cake topper also feature the VALORANT logo. No matter how old they are, these decorations are sure to make a VALORANT fan very happy on their birthday. 

5) VALORANT Weapons Keyring Set

If you like the idea of gifting a model version of a weapon from VALORANT but want to get something a little smaller than the models we’ve looked at so far, then these keyring sets could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

There are two sets to choose from, though both sets include four keyrings made up of various weapons with certain skins found in the game. If the VALORANT fan you’re buying for has a favorite weapon skin included in one of these sets—such as the Glitchpop skin for the Vandal or the Velocity Karambit skin for melee weapons—then these keyrings are the perfect choice of a small but effective gift. 

6) VALORANT Agent Mini Figures by ValoGoods on Etsy

Fans of LEGO and VALORANT are bound to love this next merch choice, which comes from Etsy seller ValoGoods, who sells various fan-made VALORANT items. 

Once you choose the agent that you want to build—you can choose between Sage, Jett, Killjoy, Raze, Reyna, and Viper—you will receive some LEGO-compatible building blocks (these aren’t the LEGO brand, but they can be used alongside LEGO) along with a jewelry zip lock bag, a container that can hold loose bricks, and PDF building instructions. 

This is a must-have gift for VALORANT fans who enjoy building with LEGO or LEGO-like building blocks, be they kids or adults.

7) VALORANT Riot Gun Buddy Keychain

VALORANT fans will know that one of the rarer cosmetic items in the game is the Riot “Fist Bump” gun buddy. The only way players can get their hands on one is if they are gifted one by a member of the VALORANT team or another Riot Games developer. 

Due to being such a rarity, this real-life keychain might be the closest players get to obtaining the Fist Bump gun buddy. This is an affordable, smaller gift for VALORANT fans, but it’s one that’s sure to be a hit with die-hard players (especially those who don’t have the gun buddy in the game). 

8) VALORANT Pack of 50 Stickers

Another simple gift choice, this pack of 50 VALORANT-themed stickers could be a great stocking filler or could work well as part of a set of gifts for a VALORANT fan. 

The stickers feature various designs based on VALORANT characters that can be used to decorate all sorts of items, such as phone cases, laptops and even game consoles or PCs. Whether you are buying for an adult fan or a younger one, these stickers are sure to be a treat that will add a bit of VALORANT flair to anything they can think of.

9) VALORANT Metal Poster

Metal posters are all the rage at the moment, and this VALORANT-themed metal poster is the perfect piece of VALORANT merch for gamers to display on the wall. 

The poster features the cast of characters from the game along with the VALORANT logo in the background. The metal design of the poster has folded edges too, making it a safe, stable, and sturdy option for a gift. 

10) Neon Metal VALORANT Logo Poster 

If the VALORANT fan in your life prefers their posters to be a little more low-key, this VALORANT logo metal wall poster could be a better choice. 

Although the general design of this poster is more simple than the character poster, the neon light of the logo still makes the poster particularly eye-catching. The subtle design is a must for those who prefer to display their love for a particular game or franchise simply. 

11) VALORANT Amigurumi Plush Dolls by BabyAmigurumiArt

If cute and cuddly plushies are what you are thinking of when it comes to gifting VALORANT merch to a fan, then these fan-created amigurumi crochet-styled plushies are an absolute must. 

Created and sold by BabyAmigurumiArt on Etsy, these small but adorable plush VALORANT characters measure around 10 to 15cm in size. There are a wide range of characters to choose from, but you can also request certain characters from the seller. Check out the list below to see what characters the seller currently has in store:

  • Killjoy
  • Sage
  • Jett
  • Raze
  • Omen
  • Reyna
  • Cypher
  • Gekko
  • Clove
  • Iso
  • Chamber
  • Neon
  • Skye
  • Viper
  • Yoru
  • Fade
  • Sova
  • Phoenix
  • Kayo
  • Brimstone

12) Sheriff Revolver Mini Keychain

The Sheriff revolver is a gun that can be used in VALORANT, and Reaver is a popular skin choice for the Sheriff thanks to its sharp angles and ominous purple, silver, and black color scheme that is reminiscent of the Singularity knife. It also comes from the same skin set as the aforementioned Reaver Karambit knife.

Players who enjoy equipping the Sheriff during a VALORANT game are sure to get a kick out of owning a mini version of the weapon in real life, which is what you get with this cool keyring. Although this is a small keyring, the design is sure to be recognized by VALORANT fans, especially those who have the Reaver skin equipped for the Sheriff. 

This can be used as a keyring—as is intended—but it can also be used as a decoration in a VALORANT fan’s bedroom or gaming space. 

13) Omen Retro T-Shirt

Last but not least is a piece of VALORANT merch that’s a must for those who enjoy playing as the edgy agent Omen. This t-shirt features a graphic of Omen with a switched-up color scheme, changing the character’s classic black and dark blue color scheme to a mixture of dark purples, pinks, and reds to blend in with the 80s Miami style that the shirt is going for. 

Despite being a total change from the usual dark tones associated with Omen and his phantom-like nature, the pinks and purples work surprisingly well and don’t take away from the character’s eerie vibe. To be honest, I think that the brightness kind of makes him look a little more eerie. It would seem that Omen can rock any color palette. Omen fans are sure to love getting this shirt as a gift, so make sure to check it out if you are looking for the right gift for your favorite VALORANT fan.

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